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Together We Can Use Our Superpowers to Make A House A Home. It's Time To Love Where You Live. 


Do you wish your home looked more like you? Do you want to figure out how to use more of what you love and make it look good? Do you wish those darn pile of toys would look & fit better in your room?

Cue Lauren, who fly's to the rescue and saves the day & room. "Yes there will be a cape involved."

Decorating is my passion and with my knowledge I felt, I needed to pass on my super powers to all of you. My hope is that you miss out on all the hardships I have encountered and jump right to enjoying your homes now wherever you may be.

Grab a tea, latte (my favorite) or even some wine I don't judge, come on in and make yourself at home.



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Your Home Organizer

Need a place for all your home's information? I have just the thing for you! You'll want to see this super powerful organizer in action.

Coming soon!!

Meet The Superwoman

Want to meet the pretty face behind the blog? This super lady is pretty sweet and fun too, if I do say so myself.