Hi I'm Lauren an Interior Decorator that cares about how your home represents you. I believe a home is where your heart is.

A home can tell the story of your family, your past, your present and even your future. It can show others your character and personality without you even saying a word.

"If you want to make your dreams of a home you can be proud of a reality, then you're in the right place!"

I love helping homeowners finally hone in on their own style, all while finally nailing down their perfect spaces.

"I believe that your home is happy when you are."

Life happens and you can get carried away but here's where I come in to save the day.

"Be proud to show off your space and all that comes with it."

A smile at the end of the day with a home that feels like you, is what my goal is. With my help and guiding hand, you will have YOUR perfect space finally checked off your never ending to do list.

"Let me take the stress of one less thing off your shoulders."

While I'm not helping people create their dreams or behind a computer screen. You can find me spending time with friends & family, indulging in some Netflix and chocolate, hunting for antiques & treasures, enjoying as much nature as possible or enjoying a dock with a good view while sipping on a Starbucks latte, oh so much yum.

It's time to love where you live, won't you let me help you?