10 Landlord Approved Rental Bathroom Idea's

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When I use to live in my basement rental apartment, I always found the bathroom to be a little hard to figure out that would be landlord approved.

I find it the easiest out of all the rooms, you have to choose from in a rental. But also the room you need the most storage too, am I right girls? So to find genius ways to update or improve my rental that would be landlord approved.

I put together 10 rental-friendly ways to update & love your bathroom, some I tried and some I wish I knew before!


1. Can't paint walls, paint the furniture! If you aren't allowed to paint the walls, paint your furniture! Paint a chair (if there's room to put on in), or paint the vanity (with permission of course), or paint the frame of your mirror a fun color or stain. It's time to get creative!

2. Hang a mirror: Mirrors add light and a feeling of having more space. Hang the main mirror (so we can check out beautiful faces), and then hang some small mirrors as well. This will be perfect for small spaces, especially if it's without a window.

3. Don't fight against vintage charm, use it! Play on the vintage charm, even if it's an old house. Find things that are modern to your style but that will accentuate/accent what is in the space now. That is of course if you can't change much or like it but don't know how to update it. So get rid of those toilet seat covers and shag carpets, and paint it a neutral with fun colored towels or your favorite shower curtain. You have those horrid green tiles? Don't fret play with it! Add lighter green diamond and white towels, add greenery, paint those walls (a neutral or maybe even a mint green!), and keep it simple so to not accentuate them more but to play on their character while updating it.

4. Wall decals: Stick those puppies up! They come in so many shapes, sizes and fun patterns, that can easily be taken down when it's time to move out.

5. Change the knobs: This one's pretty simple, but change those knobs even the slightest change can make all the difference. Your local hardware store, craft store or Anthropologie has some great & pretty options!

Joyful Derivatives

6. Change the faucets, try for low flow! Get new faucets or shower heads that are not only affordable but eco-friendly! win-win.

7. Use the ladder: This is a great trend and I love it! So versatile and even easy to DIY yourself, plus it's easy to move and can create tons of storage. You can hang towels, or hooks to hang baskets off of to store all your essentials. Not only great for the bathroom but all over the house!

8. Add plant life: Need I say more?

9.Hang pictures: Personalize it with your favorite art, or a family memory. Hang printable wall art you love and that will make you smile each day! Use that as inspiration and choose colors from the art to jazz up the room.

10. Personalize & style it: Make it your own! Use things that make you smile and add finishing touches, maybe add a tray for your perfumes, or a make up container or wood art you made. Have fun with it, you don't need a big budget or a full renovation to have a bathroom that speaks to you.

Home Bunch

There we have it, you'll have a bathroom you love and that your land-lord approves! It's easy and budget friendly, most of it can be stuff you already own. Pair it off with a funky new curtain and rug and you'll be all set.

On a side note can we just soak in those bathrooms? So pretty and those coral towels, yes please! #bathroomgoals.

What did you do in your rental bathroom?

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