10 Places To Find Affordable Rugs

Blog graphic photo source Rugs USA

Hi sweets,

Have you ever wondered where they get those beautiful rugs in those gorgeous pictures? Have you ever had trouble finding a place to find affordable but pretty rugs?

Well I have a list of 10 for you all!


Ikea; This store has so many options and is better priced on the good old budget meter.

Walmart; You have to be on the ball on this one, sometimes you'll find great options & sometimes not so much. You can always check online though because some they offer maybe online only.

Dash & Albert; Now this has some pretty options let me tell you! The rugs range though from lower to higher price, so if you want to splurge for a good product check out Dash & Albert (not sponsored).

West Elm; West Elm ranges in prices as well you can get affordable rugs but some you may need to splurge on. Rugs are a tricky thing and worth the investment.

Ebay; Now this is cost affective and if you don't mind some being used or with a little wear and tear, you can find really good deals and unique pieces.

Target; For all my American friends (since its no longer in Canada *sigh* I miss you) this is a great place to find pretty and affordable rugs.

Overstock; This is a great little shop for not only rugs but for everything else too.

Land of Nod; I always see and hear about Land of Nod from baby stuff to home decor. There really is some pretty and cute stuff here. You'll want to take a look!

World Market;  For all things home decor this is the website to be at! Affordable prices with tons of choices.

Rugs USA;  Now this is all rugs all day! Rug USA has so many options and at great prices too! (not sponsored).

Disclaimer: None of this is sponsored I just wanted to let you in on some great sites & stores!

Remember with rugs it can be tricky, and you usually get what you pay for. So be careful, do your research and splurge a little if you really love it!

Do you have any places you found rugs on the cheap?

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