10 Rental Friendly DIY's & Decor Ideas

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Let's talk rentals shall we & share a little bit of blogger love too.

Did you just move in? You have limited options and don't know how to make it your own? Don't worry because I have you covered on 10 ideas just for rentals. Let's share shall we?!

1. Command Strips: You can literally use these for EVERYTHING. I love them, because they have come in so handy ( I made this project with them) and they really do not damage your walls.

Decorating Your Small Space

2.Wrapping Paper, Fabric, Scrapbook Paper: You can use these to protect your cabinets/drawers and add some interest. You can also stick them on the walls to add personality and interest to your space.

Crazy Wonderful

3. Wall stickers: Wall decals or temporary wall paper are GREAT ways to add fun to your space. That wont ruin or become permanent either, then you and your landlord will be happy!

Woo Home

 4. Pegboards: I have been seeing these around more and more and these are awesome. You can use them literally everywhere and a neat one is to use it in the office. It can make your space so organized and look so pretty, like this one.


5. Change Knobs & Pulls: If you are not loving the pulls in your new space, why not change them? A simple trip to the hardware store/thrift store & voila you have a new feel for your space/furniture.



6. Get creative with storage: There are some crazy & creative ways to get storage, some regular bins & boxes but how about trash bins or soup cans etc. Now this is functionality;


Her Tool Belt

7. Paint: What's better & that will make a space feel fresher? How about fresh coat of paint! If you are allowed I say go for it, I did it in my space and I have loved it everyday since. If you can't paint, why not paint your furniture or accessories instead? It will still give a sense of new without a whole lot of work.

Living Room.jpg

Lovely Decor

8. DIY your own accessories: Make your own accessories! This is where craft stores, dollar stores & thrift stores become handy (no pun intended, well maybe a little). Re-make an old & tired tray, repurposed an old stool and make it a new part of your home. Spray paint is also a wonder that literally works on anything.



9. Washi Tape: Now this stuff is awesome, from big to small you can do ANYTHING. I re-did my bulletin board and this stuff sticks great & looks awesome.


Lovely Decor

10. Window Treatments: No sew rollers, no sew roman blinds, short curtains & long curtains. There are so many different options that really make a difference in the feel of your room/space.


The Homes I Have Made

Another place where you can find awesome DIY's & ideas for rentals or really anywhere. Megan from The Homes I Have Made, has great tips, tricks and advice as she is an expert of rentals & moving.

I live in a rental myself and I have used some of these and they have worked great. It really does give it a new feel and a facelift wherever needed. I may try the pegboard idea as I really enjoy how it looks! Have you tried any of these?

Are they're any DIY's you've tried lately? What else are some tricks you've done? I'd love to hear as always!


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