10 Things Every Rental Should Have

Good morning friends,

I was thinking, sitting, thinking, writing, sitting and thinking. Wow that's a tongue twister!

I was thinking about, what if I knew what I know now. About what I need or absolutely should have moving into a rental. Things would've been much, much easier.

Then I thought HEY?! I think I should share this with all of you because you are my friends and I am like that. Plus you may be going through a move and wondering yourself too.

Here is my super duper list of must have's when moving into a rental.

Top 10's to have;

  1. Storage, Storage Bins, Baskets & Organizers; these are a LIFESAVER especially for all those small things that just don't or can't find a place for at the moment. They keep it clean and unseen.
  2. Command Strips; rental friendly, super handy and virtually (almost) unseen. These you can do ANYTHING with! Plus when you move out? They live your walls as fresh as when you moved in.
  3. Plant Life; bright, colorful and adds life to any space.
  4. Invest In Pillows; you'll want sturdy and durable especially if you have little's. You can keep them for a while, move and grow with them. Plus you'll have choices and who doesn't love buying a pretty pillow? Ladies?
  5. Cool Accessories; fun pieces you've collected, memorabilia, bright accessories whatever it may be use it and have fun with it. No rules!
  6. Window Treatments; Unless you want it bright and open don't forget to dress up those windows. You can even hide those old fashion metal blinds that were put in like 10 years ago, by the landlord and they're all bent and ugly. Ya you know the ones.
  7. Removable Wall Treatments; removable wall paper, wall decals, paint, fabric, wrapping paper and so much more.
  8. Your Personal Super Style; be you, find what your home loves, listen & speak to your home, use what you already have.
  9. An Escape; whether it be a book nook, bedroom, bathroom or hey even a stair case. Make yourself your own oasis so you can escape even for just a little.
  10. A Tool Box; you will want one of these, especially if you're a DIY'er like myself. This is not just a tip for renters but home owners too. It may seem obvious but sometimes we miss the most in your face steps!

"These are essential for making a rental, a home for you for now."

Making it personal is so important to being happy where you live. Even if its the "I hate it my landlord he/she is horrible and I have a hand me down couch, with a stain on one side of the cushion kind of place". I swear you can make it yours too with a little TLC of course ;).

Can I also just say that plant life makes a HUGE different in your space. Its adds so much life, oxygen and all the happy feels. I think everyone should have something. Even if you don't have a green thump (like me) you can buy low maintenance plants, yes they do exist! I even wrote about 5 plants that thrive in a basement apartment, even if your not in one you should check it out because they're even allergy friendly (my nose hates me).

Living in a rental is not all that bad I swear, I am also talking from experience so trust me on this. I hated it at first, yes there was tears, lots but with a little patience, work and growing you can learn to be happy go lucky in your place too.

Here's a little something extra from Apartment Therapy where they give you even MORE ideas on what to have too.

What is your favorite tip? Did you have this planned out when you moved? Tell me in the comments!


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