10 Tips On Selecting Accessories & How To Find The Right One

Good morning sweets,

Aren't selecting accessories so much fun? I think this is my favorite part of finishing off any room. This is the last little bit of touches that are most important. It can be overwhelming with all of the accessories out there but it can be easy with a few tips to remember.

Lets get to it shall we?

1. Start with a theme. Does your room have a theme? A style you are going for? Find accessories that compliment or match the theme of your room. You can even research before hand or find inspiration pictures with accessories you like in that style.

2. Know your color scheme. If you have a color scheme in the room you would like to accent or follow, then find accessories similar to that. Although on the other hand accessories can go either way, you can choose ones that match or even choose some that don't. It all depends on what look your going for, what you love and what feels right for the space. 

3. Take your time. You really have to find pieces you love, I usually know right away if I love it, hate it or are so-so about it but for other it may take longer. A room is never really "done", it evolves over time and things change, so don't get stuck on finishing it or it being "perfect" (there's really no such thing).

4. Think outside the box. Try something different, something you wouldn't usually pick. Hike outside or find shells at the beach the possibilities are endless. You don't have to spend much to find the perfect accessory, who knows it may even be right under your nose!

5. Use your own. Family pictures, treasures, memories, hand me downs, prized possessions, certificates, children's drawings. Anything can become an accessory because it means something to you, and that's what it's all about right? Even if you decorate with everything you own, that's ok! That's what makes it yours and yours alone. It's almost better then buying everything new and hey its cheaper (#winning).

6. Check a few different places. Search around, check your favorite stores, thrift stores, vintage stores, antique malls etc. Take your time and really find pieces that means something to you or make you happy. You could find things in the most unexpected places.

7. Find what you NEED first. Get the basics done first, the ones you HAVE to have or that will make the room function for you & your family. Then move from there and fill the rest with the not so functional, the pretty, the memories etc.

8. Best in three's. Combination in three's somehow always feel right. It feels balanced and just the right about of combination to make it visually appealing. This is a known rule in the decorating world and here's a great article on it by Debbie Travis.

9. Don't forget the lighting. Lighting can change the feel and atmosphere for any room entirely (that's a whole other topic). Pick something you will find functional but don't forget about style! You may need task lighting such as bedside, side table, desk. You may need overhead lighting such as floor lamps or lastly you may need ceiling lighting. Which ever it may be make sure it works for you & the space. Don't forget to make it pretty too ;).

10. Scale. This is important! You don't want to buy something to big or to small for the space. Really look at the room(s) and see what kind of furniture & space you have. Where you are putting the accessories and/or what you are using them for. If you do find something to small, try pairing it with a few other small things at different heights to make it feel more substantial. If you do find something to big make sure its not so out of whack it doesn't fit the space. If you have other large pieces then it will fit perfectly, if this is the only one then it might not be the right fit.

Accessories can be a hard find but it also can be really fun! Its the finishing touches that usually bring a room together. Just remember take your time enjoy the process, which in turn will make you love your space that much more. 

What do you do when you choose accessories? Have any tips you follow? I'd love to hear!


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