10 Tips To Make Your House Feel Like A Home


Hi my TGIF friends!

How are we this morning!? I hope all your home super powers are shining bright and your getting a lot done!

I kind of hit a plateau with my place (so did my bank account he-he) but hopefully soon I'll be working on some new things!

I am also slowly coming to peace with  my home and loving it. There is really little left to do! Which kind of excites me and makes me nervous to because then I think I won't have much to blog about but I don't think that'll be the case :).

 I was thinking now that I am more at home with my home, what did I use and not use to make it feel like that. Then I thought I'd share it with you! I know I'm not the only one who was in the home hate stage, so I thought why wouldn't I blog about it? 

The super powers I used to getting on my way to loving my home;

  • Things I love; flowers, sports, pretty, blue, vintage. Pick your fav's and run wild with them
  • Memories; pictures, hand me downs, inherited things, collections etc.
  • Trial & Error; exactly how it sound, try until you succeed
  • That thing called compromise; trust me you want to accept this one.
  • Organization
  • Things I made; DIY, when I was a child etc.
  • Photos
  • Hand me downs or antiques
  • Making it comfortable; don't always be obsessed with clean & perfect. Its ok if there are pillows on the floor and blankets messy on the couch. You want lived in!
  • Finding our OWN style; really hone in what we makes your heart skip a beat
  • Giving up on trying to be a magazine, photo ready dream home; Accept yours already is, yes toys, mess and all. It's REAL.

The things I ended up getting rid of or not using;

  • I stop following the trends; it was to hard for me to keep up on and to me there felt like to much pressure.
  • I got rid of uncomfortable or "fancy can't sit on things"; who wants that anyways?
  • Things that didn't mean anything to me, fiancé or family.
  • Things that just sat there like a bump on a log; you know those things that just look at you and wonder why they are there
  • Ugly furniture and/or accessories

Using things that meant something to me or my fiancé was important in the comfort of our space. Also keeping things I didn't love anymore was a waste, someone else could benefit from it and to me it was just taking up space.

Although there are some things that I don't necessarily love cough coffee table cough there are just some battles you don't toy with (or battle with in the superhero world).

For us a comfortable, lived in decorated for both of us home was something that was important to me (maybe not so much him but I could be dead wrong)  and important for us.

So my ten tips for you are;

  1. BE YOU
  2. Don't hold back
  3. Decorate with what you love and who cares what others think
  4. Share your superhero house off, toys and all be proud
  5. Throw that Pinterest, comparing, magazine worthy house perceived notion out that window
  6. Get rid of things you hate (don't forget to ask your spouse, well you know especially if its his)
  7. Find "your" or "our" style
  8. Include your family
  9. Hand me downs aren't always ugly, work with them! Recover them or paint them use those skills.
  10. DIY if you have to! there's no need to spend 1 million dollars to get that 1 million dollar look, unless your super power is to create what ever you wanted, now wouldn't that be sweet? You can achieve that look with what you have and the skills you poses.
"It's your home, your style and your family. Do what works for YOU."

I know this might not be telling you what exactly you need but friends this will bring you to a home that is yours, lived in and loved.

How do you make your house your own?


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