10 Ways To Create Unique Storage

Hey my friends,

I got a short but fun post for you today!

If your looking for new ways on how to create storage, this is just the post your looking for!

My super 10 unique storage ideas;

  1. Tea cups; Use for little trinkets, keys, rings or any loose pieces you don't know where to put. Like a drop down table or bowl for all the small things.
  2. Coat Hangers; Use them to hang jewelry, hats, belts, ties, keys and more
  3. Think outside the box; Try to repurpose everyday items into storage containers, hangers or useful items you would've never thought of using before. Think outside the box not everything has to be used as is.
  4. Ledge shelves; You can use these for pretty much anything, pictures, cards, photos, plants, bowls, cases, collections, vinyl records. The list can go on and on. They also don't take up very much or little space! #bonus
  5. Command Strips; Oh my absolutely favorite and lifesaver. You can use these pretty much anywhere. From cupboard doors to hang towels or pots & pans. You can use it to hang or hold bags, cords, hats & bathroom necessities.
  6. Doors; Use the back your doors or racks to hang stuff off of. Such as wrapping paper & supplies or to hang towels & shower necessities.
  7. Ladders; I love this new and upcoming trend. You see them everywhere and they are so cute! You can buy them full or ones that lean up against the wall. You can hang towels, blankets & pictures off of it.
  8. Peg Boards; These are freaking awesome! You can paint them or leave them white and you can do so many things with them. You can hang hooks or buckets off of it. You can also use it to hold tools, office supplies and more.
  9. Bars & Buckets; These are great for the little things or things that don't have a spot. Kids coloring tools, office supplies, loose change, toys, bills & papers etc. You can even make a little in and out system using them.
  10. Window Frames & Wires; This is a cool idea, it's a bit more decorative but still works as storage. You can use it for jewelry or pictures, they'd be great to display polaroid pictures even! Great for a little afternoon project.

I love finding new and different ways to create unique, fun and more storage. Especially if you're short on it like me you will try anything and everything to find more!! Let me know if you try or have tried any of these.

What do you think? Would you try any of these or have you already?

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