A Goal Completed


Hi Lovelies!

I'm taking it a little personal and dear to me today, I am sharing about completing for my very first Bikini Competition. It has been a LONG haul up to date, a 2 year transformation with lots of up's and downs, back & forth's and mental & physical battles. Ending up in the hospital almost 3 years ago, was my wake up call.

My best friend had introduced me to Visalus a meal replacement shake that I LOVED and lost 15 pounds and 29 1/2 inches over my entire body.

I began to get active, starting slow with yoga then increasing to weight training and cardio with the help of some close friends. My one friend who is now my coach was where it all begin, she hosted boot camps (as she is a personal trainer) during the summer and she invited me to come out to one. It was awesome, and during one of the classes, a girl whom which my trainer was training had decided to do a competition herself. My coach has been doing competitions for a while and after hearing the other girl going for it and watching my trainer, I decided I was going to give it a shot.

I was given a meal plan, trained with my trainer almost everyday but unfortunately I wasn't as committed as I thought. It began to get very expensive, As I was in and out of jobs and the most important part, my heart was in it. I fell off and basically gained most of the weight back that I had lost. Defeated and down, I decided from then on I was going to finish this goal, and finally say I've accomplished and stuck to something for the first time in my life. I began again in August of 2014. Meal plans, meal preparation, training and strict rules, now the beginning was tough, it was constant mind battles, junk withdrawals, & missing out on some holidays.

I will admit I was addicted to, refined sugars, fast foods, chips you name it, I ate it and ate it ALOT. The first 2 weeks was me getting used to eating on a strict schedule while basically going through withdrawal, cravings and dealing with the idea that I couldn't do it. Then I started feeling so much better, better about myself, less mood changes all around good. It had all changed once I changed my body and mind. While nourishing it with healthy foods & fitness. I became more positive, determined and happier because I was no longer in that vicious cycle of being unhappy and eating and eating because I was unhappy.

I trained 5 to 6 days a week, once or twice with my trainer and the rest on my own with a workout plan. My meals changed every few months as I got closer to the date, first it was leaning down, then it was bulking and maintaining and lastly flattening and leaning down. It included LOTS of water, little cardio and lifting those weights. It seems to be a common misconception that cardio alone will make you loose weight, well in my opinion (as I am no expert) you need the whole package. Weight training, healthy diet and lastly cardio, that's when I noticed a complete turn around and the weight started falling off.

Now it was more extreme then normal yes, and I still had my cheat days (once a week). As long as you maintain and know your limits, portions without going overboard, you will notice a complete change. Your metabolism will sky rocket and there holds your weight loss.

So lets fast track a bit, about a month or so out from the show that's when the fun stuff started happening. Hair and makeup trials, bikini fittings, choosing fabrics, spray tans, posing practice and last minute touches. Woohoo now it was getting fun and exciting but anticipation started to kick in.

Fast track a little bit more, and I was 1 week out of my show! This week was a hard one but a good one, early morning cardio and afternoon workout ( 2 a-days), meals became lighter and I became more tired. But that was ok because I was almost there and looking amazing, I couldn't believe how far I came and that I was actually going to go on stage in less than a week.

The day came, the morning arrived, I woke up and was at my coaches house for 7:00am for hair and makeup, let's do this! Tired and hungry yes, but so excited and ready to get on that stage. We were off, driving to go register for the show, we arrived with a little bit of time to spare. I received my number #12 (which was special to me, because that's my fiancés favourite for everything so I knew it was a sign) and received the OK on my suit.

I was doing 2 categories, Transformation Challenge and Bikini. First up Transformation Challenge, now the exciting part was it was just a small group of us so we got to choose the songs we walked out to. I of course chose Cheerleader - by Omi (which my coach was even more excited about). Waiting on stage, going through my routine & hearing my story all while waiting to walk out and the nerves hit. My heart started pounding and my body shaking, I had nailed my routine on stage (with an exception of being a little quick) with my family cheering me on.

Next up was Bikini,  here we go the competition was on, and the time to kill it was here. I was a bit fast in my routine but again nailed it with the biggest smile on my face, and in a blink of an eye it was intermission. Now it was time for pictures and family time and I was SO happy they were there to support and cheer me on. They were proud. I was proud.

Finally awards, the moment we all were waiting for and I was nervous. All I said to my trainer was as long as I place I'm happy. Now I had some stiff competition, girls who've competed before, years of training on me and for some it wasn't their first rodeo, but that was ok I DID IT.

Unfortunately I did not place that day (top 5), I came 7 out of 8 girls. When I wasn't called back on stage I was disappointed, holding back a few tears. I had high hopes and expectations, of course I am always too hard on myself. 1 point away from 6th and 6 points away from 5th, not to shabby for my very first show.

This just fueled my fire, and with my new found LOVE of competing I have made the decision to compete again next year! To give myself a year to recuperate, to build muscle and work on the little things. My body is now adjusting to eating regularly and it's taking some time, but everything will eventually figure itself out and stabilize. Slow and steady will win this race.

I still have treats but strictly clean during the week while still eating 5/6 times a day to help keep my metabolism running. Now it's just the game of real life "off season" I suppose and I can't wait to see my next transformation.

I am completely proud of myself and I am aiming to place higher next show, Top 3 sounds good to me! I cant say I would've ever thought 2 years ago I would say I've completed in my first competition. Standing on stage in a bikini to show myself & my work off.

 I can now and I wouldn't have been able to do it without my amazing family, incredible and patient fiancĂ©, supportive friends and my inspiration & motivation my coach.

With it gone in a flash, I say till next year stage!


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