Selfless Decorating | Who Are You Decorating For?

Hi Lovelies!

Moving in with your significant other? Moving in with a new room mate? Living with someone when you've been on your own or from living with family, can be scary in it's self. Although finding a style that works for both people or marrying 2 different styles together to make your house flow is an all together even harder task. I know I've struggled with this one myself but when you aren't just decorating for yourself anymore it becomes a whole other ball game.

Living with someone else can be difficult sometimes, not only learning each others habits but learning each other styles. Blending them together if they are different in the right way that pleases both parties.

In my personal experience you have to pick your battles, it's not just for you anymore and some things may not be functional for what your lifestyle is. I know it's easy just to take over and decorate the way you want. I know I'm guilty of it, when I first moved in with my fiancé it was hard to let go of the "yours" & "mine" game and because I am an only child I got used to doing things the way I wanted. So I had to learn to let go and include my partner in crime in decisions. 

You need to remember that you may be excluding or hurting someone else's feelings if you bash what they like or just end up taking over. Compromise is important in making it work for everyone, I have had to compromise a lot myself. I have to understand that some pieces have meant something to my fiancé and just because I don't like them or think they don't "work" I have to be mindful of that.  

Unless you are lucky and your significant other or the person your living with doesn't care and gives you full rein. You need to include them in every decision you make. Compromise if you both can not find a solution, it can be difficult to mix 2 different styles but finding a creative way to make everyone happy will definitely do the trick.

Some tips include;

-Finding inspiration of both styles paired together; look at magazines or Pinterest.

- Make each person their own "special" room; like an office, closet, man cave and so on. Give them full rein on however they want to decorate. Then make your main neutral rooms a mix of both styles in a way that flows all together nicely. That will make both parties happy and you both will enjoy being in the space. Isn't that what it's all about?

- Adding neutral large pieces of furniture and adding accessories each of you picked out or love.

- Include meaningful pieces/trinkets/accessories/memories of each others in each room of the house. It will make each person feel that they are apart of it & that they are adding their own memories.

-Make sure it is functional and comfortable to your lifestyle and family. Just remember making it Pinterest worthy may not be right for you.

Also if you have a family you need to make sure it's comfortable for everyone to enjoy as well as functional. I know with a children an entirely different way of designing & decorating but it all depends on your lifestyle. You can have a pretty space while still letting your kids, kids. Give each person a space to make their own, for the kids make their bedroom their own little project, let them choose what they like and hang what they want etc. For you, your husband or the person your living with a space to make their own so they can relax, an oasis to escape to if you will. Then you have your neutral areas that you make together as a family, choosing durable fabrics & pieces that are still functional, safe & pretty (yes you can still have pretty with children running wild).

Then as they grow, let your décor evolve with it. Give yourself permission to add the expensive dining set you've had your eye on or something you've always dreamed of. Now that their older it's ok to enjoy & have those things and not have to worry about it being ruined. Remember a home is never finished, regardless of trends & seasons you will always want to change or refresh something until you find it's just right for you. You want to feel comfortable in your home, make it a space for you & your loved ones to enjoy, bond & make memories. Don't worry or stress if it's Pinterest worthy or not, that's not what matters and you will never be happy in your space. Make memories and enjoying the time you spend together, that's what a home is all about no? I am slowly learning this as I grow with my home & home décor and have learnt that making it "perfect" should not be the answer, making it

Learn to pick your battles but make sure each person will enjoy the space. There are certain things in my home that I'm not entirely fond of (like green leather lazy boys...a hem..), but he loves them & they mean something to him so they stay. That's ok! I've learned to accept them and while he gives me free rein mostly everywhere else I really can't complain. 

Nagging and pushing for someone to get rid of something just because you don't like it, can cause friction and fighting. Unless you both can come to an agreement, you'll have to learn to deal. You'll find more stress and discomfort in your space if you are constantly trying to make it "perfect". By making it YOU and including pieces of you love, it will become home and everywhere you turn will put a smile on your face, not make you cringe with dislike.

Who do you decorate for? How do you find a happy medium? Have you struggled with this too? 

I'd love to hear what you did & about your stories. See you all next Wednesday!

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