A Rentals Paradise | Basement Painting

Hi Lovelies!

Today is the first day of my new series " A Rentals Paradise" that I announced in this post. I am so excited that things have finally begun.

You can see old photos from this post My Livingroom Dilemma & My Home Tour from my Christmas series.

After gaining the energy and courage I have finally painted the apartment, I recruited my dad to help me because it would take forever on my own & my fiancĂ© wasn't able to help out that weekend, Thanks dad!!.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a painting fairy that could paint it in a snap for us? (A girl can wish). As much as I love the outcome after painting, the during part of it I can do without if I have to be honest. The countless edging, cutting in, touching up, rolling, awkward positions, being sore not so much my cup of tea.

Sorry about the mess & craziness that are in these photo's, I wanted to keep it real to show you. A little insight into behind the scenes if you will.

There is pops painting the awkward stairway (he was taller than me so he could reach) paired with his crazy stick/brush invention that probably saved us!

We started with the stairway and worked our way down and around. We completed the big area first (stairway, hall/entry, living room., kitchen & bedroom) which was all going to be white. We saved the bathroom for last as it was going to be a light blue. I decided it was a good idea to leave the games room and pantry alone. It was to difficult to take everything out of the games room & to awkward to paint the pantry. We're only in those rooms for a few minutes a day so I was ok with leaving it.

After all the edging was complete we started to roll, we noticed after 2 coats had been done. In some areas we would need 3 coats!!

We got my sister in law to come down and take a look (as 12 hours of straight painting was starting to take a toll on our eyes!).  We all agreed that because the majority of the apartment was only painted once, 4 years ago the drywall was sucking up most of the paint. She also caught some areas to fix that we might of missed.

The bathroom on the other hand had been painted twice before, so it went on beautifully and in 2 coats. We also used a different paint that is made for Kitchen & Bathrooms that can withstand moisture & is more durable.

Here are some pictures of all the edging complete;

Yes you heard, well read right that right. My dad and I did 12 straight hours (with a small lunch break) of painting. By 7pm that night I had to call it quits I was exhausted. We came back on Sunday and finished it off in a few hours!!

Here is it all complete!!! YAY!!

You may be wondering where the lap shade is to my lamp in the picture with the guitar. Well we took it off while painting some areas to  give more light. Well I decided to leave it off I thought I'd try something outside of the box and I really do like the look of it!!

It feels to good to be done, and the hard/big part of it is over! I don't think I will be painting anytime again soon though. When we move in the future, I will be praying that the painting fairies will have my future home painted and ready for us to move in.

I'm already so much happier, it's so much brighter and I love being there. This is only the beginning though as I have lots of ideas & projects up my sleeve! I can't wait to share my road to loving and being happy in the space I'm in now (as Melissa Michaels from The Inspired Room says in her new book).

My goal is to make it more functional, add more storage, make it more aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly make it home, make it us. Even though it's just a rental you can make it home, make it you, wherever you are!

Now no reveal post is complete without some before & after's;


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