15 Tips On How To Revamp Your Small Space On A Budget

Good morning lovelies!

When I moved in to my rental I often wondered what I could do to make it my own without spending a bunch. I'm sure you are wondering the same thing for your own house. There are some easy ways to revamp any space on any type of budget, and friends I am here to let you in on some of those tips!

Here we go;

Re-arrange; Your furniture, accessories or purpose of each room. Changing a room or changing it's function can make your home feel entirely different in one fell swoop. It doesn't mean you need to buy anything new it just means you are rearranging the furniture you have now to make it more functional for you & your family.

De-clutter; Organize, de-clutter, get rid of things you don't need or have no purpose anymore. This will make the space and your life feel lighter. This can also help you re-envision a new look if you need one. It's almost like your starting fresh but with the space you've always had.

Change Hardware; Now this one is simple and a no brainer which also can be really cheap! You can check your local hardware store, thrift stores, dollar stores or renovation stores (see if they have some on sale or some that they are getting rid of). This will give a face lift to any furniture or kitchen cabinet you have been hating on for a while.

Paint; Need I say more? Take a look here for some examples of what a coat of paint can do.

Add art; Adding art can brighten or add color to any dull or boring space. This is where you can have fun or go outside of the box. Be adventurous friends!

Repurpose furniture; Repaint, give a face lift or change an old & used or outdated piece of furniture. This saves you cash on buying new & then gives you a new piece to style!

DIY; Create your own projects, art or accessories. Finding ways to do it yourself can be fun and save tons in the long run. Now if its a huge job or you just don't feel comfortable you can always out source!

Re-fabric; If your a pro at sewing (which I am not) you can re-fabric a chair or sew a cover for those "ugly" pieces laying around. This can be a face lift until you buy new or you just want a quick update.

Double Duty Furniture; This one is awesome and my favorite. Try and find furniture that can pull double duty. This will save space & money because you'll have a 2 in 1 for the price of 1 and it will last that much longer. For example; an ottoman which can be storage and a coffee table.

Improve your lighting; Add task lighting or more over head lighting if you find that a room is took dark. Add lamps or high wattages on your bulbs. Try fluorescent over incandescent, open your blinds or windows and let that natural light shine! It is spring now!

Don't forget about your ceiling; This can sometimes be a game changer. You can add a color to your ceiling, say wha?! Yup your allowed, there is no rule against it. I have seen a lot of light blues or greys and you can even go bold if your feeling adventurous. Play with it and the worst that will happen? You'll just have to repaint or you may fall in love. It can help to make a space feel taller, brighter, bigger or even smaller if you want it to.

Go Natural; Stick with neutrals and then its easy as pie to add color and accessories because they are no limitations.

Use Bins & Boxes; You can find plastic bins & boxes in the dollar store, thrift stores, Wal-Mart, IKEA etc. You can spend a little bit or a little bit more its up to you. These are great for getting rid of clutter, keeping the space tidy (especially if you have little's) and keeping the space organized. You can buy simple ones or you can buy pretty ones if they are out and about around the house.

Add mirrors; This is a great tip and I even tried it in my basement. This gives the illusion that the space is bigger then it actually is and light reflects off of mirror's no? So this can even make it feel brighter too. Kills two birds with one stone!

Add patterns; Try adding fun or different patterns your not used to. Add colored patterns or try black and white to start, then you can see what your comfortable with or what the space calls for. Listen to it and feel what feels right to you!

There we have it friends! Some simple tips on how to change your space in no time, on any kind of budget and in just a weekend!

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Anything else you would add?

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