15 Tips To Live Like Your In A Mansion For Small Spaces

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Do you ever feel like you just don't have enough space, or have too much stuff but you've already purged so much. You love everything you have and don't want to get rid of it? I know that feeling all to well. It can land you with mountains of things and little storage, am I right?

I have some tips that might help you live comfortably and be happier in your small home. I promise It's true, you can be happy in whatever size you live in.

1. Lots of storage, even if you don't have any: Use anything or whatever you have for storage. Bins, baskets, cupboards etc. Make the best use out of your space, so you don't get overwhelmed.

2. The less the better: Only keep what you have to, if you are holding anything that you think you might use. Donate it, you can always get another when you actually need it. Limit what you have and your furniture to only your bare necessities. Purge what you don't really use on a daily/regular basis . I am totally guilty for keeping what I "may" use but it really only just takes up usable space.

3. Open space: Use open shelving, cupboards and storage units. It makes the space feel more open and airy. Yes closed spaces hides things but it can sometimes make it feel enclosed and heavy. Open units & displays can make the room feel larger. Plus you can display your favorite things & memories you love, which in turn will spark conversation.

4. De-clutter: I can't stress this enough, with living in a small space myself, de-cluttering really makes a difference. Only keep what you need & love. It always make me feel lighter & freer when I give away or throw things out.

5. Bright, Clean & Fresh: A bright and simple space can make it feel bigger, painting a space can make all the difference. Making it light and bright can be easy & budget friendly. Adding a neutral background with colorful accessories can be one simple trick.

6. Organize: Organize, organize, organize! I can't express enough how organization has helped me. In a small space you need all the "white space" you can get. Keeping things in easy reach and organized makes life a whole lot easier.

7. Use everything! Use all that you have, every space, every corner etc. Obviously to an extent of course don't go to wild but use all that you have. Make sure it's functional for you and your needs and you will find a flowing spacious space in the end.

8. Mirrors: These are a great tool! With their reflection & attraction to light, it makes the space feel bigger then it actually is. I hung one up between my kitchen and living room and it was the best decision I ever made. It makes the space feel 2x the size.

9. Multi-purpose furniture: Use ottomans, poufs & tables that you can use as storage as well as seating. Multi-purpose furniture is a great option when you don't have enough space to fit all of your needs.

10. Cool idea alert: Use a shelf or table that is suspended from the wall as your "desk". If you lack an office or If you don't use your computer all that much, this is a great option. Then you have something you can tuck away when it's not in use. You can even use it as a dining table, that you can tuck away when meals are over. So many great options and again multi-purpose! See how that works?

11. Ikea: This is a great source for organization and storage tools, with fun accessories & furniture to look at. This is one of my favourite places to go, as well as it being super affordable! (not a sponsored post)

12. Keep it simple: Do I sound like a broken record yet? Simple, neutral and clean is easy to change, as well as make the space feel lighter. Keeping it simple in every aspect will really make good use out of your space.

13. Take off closet doors: This is a great technique to make it easy for you to access your things, all while making it functional. The only thing with this technique is you may have to keep things a litter on the cleaner side, as everything will be on display.

14. Put things away right away!  I love this and do this everyday (or as much as I can). As soon as you get home, tidy up, put away anything you need to, do the dishes etc.. I find it helpful to keep things clean during the week which then makes it easy to clean later when it's "chore day".

15. Haven't used it in six months? Toss it, donate it or give it away I think this is pretty self explanatory!

I have used a lot of these for learning to love and live in my own "mansion" and it really does make all the difference. You and your home have souls, let it reflect a happy one.

Do you keep it simple? How do you organize & use your space? I'd love to hear in the comments!


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