20 DIY Wall Ideas For Rentals


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I apologize about the little bit of change in this weeks posting schedule. Getting back in routine with jet lag is a lot harder then I thought! Don't worry though it'll be back to normal next week, thanks for baring with me.

Being back from my 2 week hiatus is a little sad but glad to be getting back to routine. Let me tell you though how AMAZING it was. Besides the fact of shutting off and really enjoying my trip & family, it was drop dead gorgeous in Calgary. I will show you guys lots of pictures and tell you more in another post but here's a sneak peak.


Pretty amazing right?! I can't even tell you how unreal the mountains were, there were a lot of cool parts but the mountains were my favorite. How have you all been?

Shall we get on to today's topic?! I guess so eh!

I always wondered what to put on my walls when I first moved into my place. Now I know there's the obvious choices, but thinking of something different was nice too.

The regular choices;

  • Pictures
  • Paintings/Art
  • Shelves
  • Mirrors
  • Family Photos
  • Trip/Vacation Photos

If you really wanted to think outside the box, or make it a little more rental friendly I have 20 ideas just for you! I hate the thought of a bunch of hole's to patch later so I tried to come up with some patch free idea's as well.

Shanty 2 Chic

Command strips: need I say more?


The Sweetest Occasion

Washi tape: You can do anything and everything with this stuff! Wall art or even stick up your photographs on the wall with it.


A Cottage In The City

Clip boards: I use thumbtacks (which leave tiny holes) to hang these or you can hang them off the command strip sticky pieces to hold them in place. Then clip your art, sketches, kids art, chores etc on it. BONUS you can change them out whenever you want, easy peasy.


The Homes I Have Made

Removable wall paper: You can find a post about that here


Row House Next

Wall decals: You can find these in paint stores, Wal-Mart, Target or your local art store. They are easy to put up and easy to take down, some you can even reuse again.


The Homes I Have Made

Paper art: You can use the paper you have at home or find colored paper, to make funky shapes and designs. You can see a neat mountain wall here


Just Call Me Chris

Silhouette art: See a fun map silhouette post here


Lovely Decor

Use or Print your own art: Some of my art I gathered for my picture ledges in this post, are just printed from the net or with supplies around the house. You can also use your own art, create a neat painting or use an old art piece from high school etc.


Bright Star Kids

Use your children's art: You probably have an abundance of it laying around and not sure what to do with it all. Well here's your chance to free up some shelf space and make your kid happy all at the same time!


Lovely Decor

Picture Ledges (which are now more common): These are just fabulous, you can buy them made or DIY them yourselves. They can hold anything and are sturdy enough to hold plants and vases.


Urban Outfitters

Maps: You can buy vintage or new, and some even come with string to hang them. Pop in a nail or command strip hook and voila!


Glitter Guide

Photographs: You can use photos of trips, friends, family etc and hang them with washi tape or just regular tape. Unless your ok with framing them and hanging them. The washi tape wont peel or take any paint off and it's easy to take down.


D├ęcor 8

Rugs: Vintage, patterned or new and you can find them anywhere. Hang them up on a wall for a DIY headboard or go more detailed with molding around it and make it a piece of art, so many options!


Motley Craft

Plates & Bowls: I love this trick and such a useful way to display meaningful pieces or that were handed down from generations.


Anthology Magazine

Pressed Floral Art: This is a favorite among most, you can buy it already made or press them yourself! Beautiful botanical artwork that looks great on any wall.



Letters/Book Pages: Frame old love letters, friends letters or your favorite pages in a book and hang them on your wall.


Hen House Homemade

Scrap Book Paper Art: Same as the paper wall art use patterned, colored or textured paper to create your own art or wall shapes. Great for kids rooms and its a fun easy craft.


Home Talk

Natural Items: Plaque a funky stick, put moss on a piece of wood or use flowers from your garden, use what nature gives you!


Geri's Card

Sponge Art: This one can be fun and a whole family project. Cut sponges in fun shapes and either stick them right to the wall ( you'll have to repaint if it's a rental) or put them on paper and then frame them.


Urban Outfitters (unfortunately it's sold out)

Crate Shelves: I love this idea, find used or old crates (you can find them in vintage markets or just regular stores or hey even on the side of the road, I won't judge) and recreate them to use as shelves.

The list could go on!

Those are only 20 unique and fun DIY wall art you can do within a weekend or just a couple hours. These are also rental approved, what's better then that?

Here is some more fun DIY's for your wall from Brit & Co you can check it out here.

Do you have any other ideas? Which have you used? I've missed you all so I would love to hear from you!

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