Trends vs Your Style

Good Morning Friends,

So I've come to the conclusion, as I was creating a post for Home Décor trends for 2015. A lot of it was peoples opinions, or information not relevant or reliable.

Now I did purchase a Style At Home magazine that described some trends for 2015 and there's always the yearly Pantone Color.

This got me thinking, trends come and go so easily that you probably end up spending more on décor than you should. You probably will find that you get sick of it quickly or your constantly changing your space to "fit that year". When you really should be happy in your own space and love it for what it is.

Which brings me on to finding your own style. Find something that works for you & your family. Create a space you'll love for years to come, with of course small updates and adds here and there.

That's what decorating is all about in my opinion, timeless décor that makes you smile. Now don't get me wrong changing or adding new things can add a new light or change the atmosphere. I'm even known for changing furniture around or adding new pieces like crazy, but that is what makes me happy and love my space. Remember to find pieces that are versatile/neutral, so you can easily change or add to it.

Trends can be awesome (don't get me wrong) and mesmerizing but try not to fall for that endless money pit, or you'll never be happy or feel that your space is "perfect" enough. Unless your a trend lover and it's something that makes you happy.

You can love your home the way it is, that's why us decorators are here to help. That is also my goal this year as I live in a rental space and can't do everything on my dream list.

Here are some tips to finding your style:

  • Research periods & different styles, narrow it down and find the style you love. Even mix a few together if you find you can't just choose one.
  • Try to stay away from pinterest, although it can give you great inspiration (once you have an idea). It can suck you into that "trend" category, or make you feel that your space doesn't cut it, so be careful.
  • Find things that makes your soul happy
  • Test things out, find something you can return or borrow from family & friends. Try it for a few days and see if you'll enjoy them or return it if you don't
  • Find things that work in your space, some items may work in other homes, but once you get it in yours it might not.
  • I've said it before but I think this one is really important.Think memorable, unique. family heirlooms or pieces with meaning. This will bring the space alive to YOU and even create conversations.

People stress themselves to much on having that pinterest/magazine ready house. That's just not functional, reliable or in everyone's budget. There is to much pressure with trends in my opinion. Bringing your own flare in spaces make them that much more memorable than a "perfect" home. It's just not reality and when life happens, you want to enjoy your space, relax and make it your oasis from reality, decorate it so you can.

Do you have any tips to add? How do you feel about trends?


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