Shop Talk | Anthropologie

Hi sweet friends,

So as all of you know by now, one of my favourite stores is Anthropologie, so now that it's a new year, that means new things! As I was browsing around I found some house and home items that are so unique & couldn't help but share! Let's shop shall we?

All pictures are sourced from (Anthropologie).

1. They have such delicate tea and glass ware, gorgeous | 2. Such a unique & decorative way to display plants | 3. I spotted these camera straps and fell in love! They would be so comfortable to! | 4. Beautiful abstract colorful pillows to brighten any space | 5. I've always loved and secretly wanted an antler chandelier, such a statement piece | 6. Simple lamp shades, taken to a whole new level | 7. I love this little glimmer pouf you can pair with anything to add a bit of sparkle | 8. Padded chairs in powder blue, yes please! | 9. This padded chair is so feminine but there's something about that purple that excites me | 10. I can't explain it, but there was something about this picture that I couldn't help but share | 11. I adore bedding from Anthropolgie so these quilts and duvets are divine | 12. I would definitely put this one in a guest bedroom, its a little bit more on the feminine side but there's something magical about it right?

Now if only my bank account loved this store as much as I do. This store is such an inspiration to me, they're so unique (even in the way they style their pictures). They always think outside the box and that intrigues and inspires me for new décor, DIY & projects that I'm working on.


**this is not a sponsored post, I just love there products so much & had to share! 

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