How to make a Jewellery Corner

Hi Friends!

I'm a little bit of an accessory freak and big necklace lover, it may be a bit of an addiction but I'm not admitting it just yet.

I had to figure out some more storage ideas because my jewellery chest was getting full. I did some searching and drew out some ideas and VOILA a cheap, easy & functional "Jewellery Corner".

All I did was go to my local dollar store and found these wall key hooks, sweet! Picked 2 up and ran them to cash!

A $2 purchase that is going to make my life that much more organized! My lovely man (mr. handyman) drilled some holes and screwed those bad boys into the wall. As I myself am not a handy women. I would much rather have him put it up the right way, and there not be a BUNCH of holes in our wall. I'm working on it though, one of my goals is to become better with tools (eventually).

All you need is:

  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Wall mount Key hooks

Yup it's THAT easy!

So this is my "jewellery corner", pretty bare and uneventful eh?

These are the key hooks I found at the dollar store, pretty fancy for dollar store right!?

This is only a little preview of my necklaces, yup still not admitting it. I love this system though its so easy. I put out the ones I use on a regular basis on the rack, so in the mornings I can just grab it and go.

There we have it! I added a little vignette on top of the jewellery case to, which adds a bit of texture and interest to the wall & corner.

Doesn't it look great?

I'm so excited its finally up, because those necklaces sitting on my dresser was driving me nuts! I'm all about organization so this makes my heart HAPPY.


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