My New Obsession: Chinoiserie

Hi Friends,

Now I recently came upon this lovely décor trend and it's a new obsession of mine. What do you all think?


Source Unknown

I. have. been. loving. this pattern, I'm seeing it a lot more lately and I love the fabric & patterns that are available! Another part of my obsession is Blue & White, I LOVE the color paired together it's such a statement. It's bold and has almost a type of sophistication that's magical about it. Take a gander at some inspiration I've come across.

Aren't these some beautiful spaces?! This pattern adds so much texture and visual interest to a space, even a small piece can transform a room. The Chinoiserie chairs & furniture adds architecture almost instantly. How well does the pink, blue & white room look? It works so well and is so feminine I can't get enough!!

Willow & Chinoiserie patterned tea cups, especially blue & white ones is always something I look for when I'm antique hunting. It's one of my favourite, unfortunately usually the most expensive but it sure makes my heart happy.

Here is some more inspiration from Ballard Designs. Enjoy!

Do you like Chinoiserie? How would you use it in a space


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