30 Decorating Do's and Don'ts

Hello darlings!

I have something short and sweet for you today and thats going to give you some great tips and what to do and not do when your starting your next home decor project.

Here are 30 decorating do's and don'ts to guide you when starting out.


  1. Create a floor plan: Draw up a floor plan of your room, to be able to try different furniture arrangements & placements. This will give you an idea of different options & ways to optimize your space.
  2. Create an inspiration board: Gather pictures, textures, or fabrics that you find that gives you inspiration. Pinterest boards are perfect examples.
  3. Coordinate rooms in your home: To create and keep flow in your home, coordinate your rooms with like colors, style or textures. Or you can use one accent throughout your entire space.
  4. Mix textures: Don't be afraid of texture, it can create visually appealing rooms all on its own.
  5. Use dramatic color: Small spaces especially, as it brightens, adds colour and character to the sometimes dull & eventful.
  6. Splurge on quality pieces: There are those times where I would highly suggest buying those quality, timeless pieces that will last you a lifetime. (who wants to keep replacing year after year?)
  7. Test paint colors in a large way: Purchase mini test pots or large paint chips to put on your wall. Live with your paint choices for a couple of days, you want to make sure you love it in all hours of the day.
  8. Trust your instincts: Don't be afraid to go with your gut, it could be the best decision you make.
  9. Create a centre or focal point: I love creating centre/focal points, it creates a conversation as well as visual interest as soon as you enter a room.
  10. Pay attention to doors & entrances: Don't forget about the small stuff, paying attention to entrances and door details can save you in the long run. Also it can create the character of your home from the very start.
  11. Find your own style: We always say be yourself, so why does that change from our home décor? Do you!
  12. Fill empty corners: Especially if your tight on storage, use the corners to your benefit. Just keep in mind of how much you add, you still want some blank space.
  13. Display your collections: This can be a tricky concept. Display and show off your collections in a neat & clean way. You don't even have to have your whole collection out, mix it up every once in a while.
  14. Control the flow: You want the feeling of flow in a room, that everything works together and is functional. Otherwise it can make you feel stressed or overwhelmed when there is to much going on.
  15. Hire Help: If all else fails and you are really stumped, don't be afraid to hire a decorator. We all need a little outside perspective sometimes, even me.


  1. Avoid following trends
  2. Don't forget about seating: Don't skimp on seating little nooks will draw people in creating a comfortable space. It's doesn't hurt either if you entertain a lot.
  3. Don't ignore architectural details: If you have an old house, or the old owner added some architectural elements embrace them. It adds character, and uniqueness.
  4. Don't make a room to formulaic: You don't want to make your room to stiff, you want to enjoy the space embrace the imperfections.
  5. Don't go overboard: It's easy to do so just be careful on how crazy you go. Know your limit and stay within it (no casino pun intended).
  6. Don't follow your friends: Try to find your own inspiration what works in their space, may not work in yours.
  7. Don't think to small: Think scale, you don't want a bunch of small knick knacks taking over, or a small side table that doesn't fit. Scale to your furniture and room size.
  8. Don't risk a pillow pileup: Who doesn't like pillows? But be careful you don't go crazy and over run your couch with them. Depending on the size & scale 2-4 pillows is more than ideal.
  9. Less is always more: Some believe less is more, some believe more is more. It depends on the look you are going for, but have your bare minimums & go from there. That's might be all you need to make a space feel alive.
  10. Don't decorate with white: This is a hard one, some love white only. Others have children & pets and say what's the point? If you love it and know what comes with using it, then I say go for it, if not then don't. Its your choice!
  11. Don't settle: Don't just settle to get it done, find pieces overtime. Be patient and find the "perfect" ones for you. You will love it more then just buying to fill the space, trust me.
  12. Don't rush: I myself had to learn patience, this took a while but now I see what the benefit is. Don't rush your own masterpiece.
  13. Don't always match: Spaces that are to "matchy matchy" (yup I just used that) feel a little overwhelming. Have fun with it, add patterns, add colours that match, but it doesn't ALL have to match exactly.
  14. Don't ignore scale: Similar to don't think to small, watch the scale of your furniture to the size of your space. You don't want it to feel to light or to heavy.
  15. Don't forget about natural lighting: Don't forget about the sun. It can add warmth & a feeling of invigoration. It can change the atmosphere of a room. So open those blinds/curtains and let that sun shine in.

This will guide you into the perfect starting spot to decorate with piece of mind, or at least give you the grounding point you need to get on the right foot. 

What are some of your decorating do's and don't you suggest?