How To Stylize Your Coffee Table

Good morning my friends,

Let's be honest, we all want that Pinterest, magazine ready "picture perfect" home. We all need to come to terms that it's just not reality, but there are ways to create at least something as close as possible for you. A coffee table is a central piece of your home, well at least for the living room. It can be a home made, store bought or splurge piece. It's used on a regular basis and you want it to be functional yet aesthetically pleasing.

Including these 5 items, will ensure a well decorated yet functional coffee table;

  1. Natural elements: bringing nature in, by adding greenery, fresh blooms or plant life for texture and color.
  2. Favourite books: to entertain guests and or yourself
  3. Scented candles: to add a fresh scent as well as ambiance
  4. Decorative pieces: to add interest and conversation
  5. Trays: to hold & organize all the items above, and for a quick getaway if you need the table for something else.


What was your favourite coffee table décor? How do you decorate yours?

Leave me comments below, I'd love to hear & see!


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