How To Stylize Your Coffee Table

My friends,

Do you ever wish or want that perfect table decor for the center of your living room?

I always wonder how they do it or does it get annoying just staring at a blank canvas for so long.

A coffee table is a central piece of your living/sitting room. It can be home made, store bought, or a splurge piece. It's used on a regular basis and you want it to be functional yet aesthetically pleasing.

Here's how you create the perfect coffee table decor;

  • Natural elements: bringing nature in, by adding greenery, fresh blooms or plant life for texture and color.
  • Favorite books: to entertain guests and for yourself.
  • Scented candles: to add a fresh scent as well as ambiance.
  • Decorative pieces: to add interest and conversation
  • Trays: to hold & organize all the items above, and for a quick getaway if you need the table for something else.
  • Special mementos: conversation starters, special pieces that share memories, anything that means that much to you.

Here's some eye candy to help you get inspired;


I love coffee tables, you can add such character and charm just by adding a simple table and accessories and with so many to choose from, you can find achieve any style you need.

How do you decorate yours?