Behind The Blog

Hi lovely's!

It's Lauren here from behind the blog, I'm taking a little break from regular programmed decorating posts today. Sharing a little more about me! I love getting to know all about those bloggers out there in the blogosphere. So I thought I'd share 10 interesting facts about me that some of you may not know. So here we go!

1. I have an obsessive love for ketchup. Yup I said it, it's out there now! I put it on mostly everything fries, meat (any), rice, veggies etc..

2. I LOVE movies, I prefer watching a bunch of movies all day then television or reality shows. My favourite movie is twister with Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, I can recite the whole movie and have watched in countless times. Sometimes even twice in one day and even right after I just watched it.

3. I am a daddy's girl, I collect hotwheels with my dad (there are some that are collectable). I also used to go shopping with my dad we did everything together.

4. I had a old English Sheepdog, CJ - Curley Joe, yup named from the Three Stooges me and my dad's favourite show. He was a big furry beast and my favourite boy. He was smart and sneaky & forever in my heart.

5. I love spontaneous adventures, although I like planning and knowing what we're doing. Random last minute plans end up being some of my best nights.

6. I can not sew for the life of me, I tried a fashion course in high school and my goodness I did not enjoy it. I always have to get my mom to sew for me.

7. I'm a big kid at heart, I get excited over small things and dare I say it? Yes I do play with toys in the toy store. I have fun anywhere I can and dance like I just don't care, I don't think that will ever change.

8. I always fall asleep during movies, or long car rides. Ask my fiancé he'll vouch for that. I don't know why but it always happens!

9. I was not gifted in the kitchen, now both my parents are good cooks but me on the other hand got shafted in that department. Now if I have a recipe to follow I'm good. If I'm on my own and winging it then watch out, it may not end well but I'm practicing!

10. My family used to own a farm with lots of land, now there was no animals when I was growing up. It was my dads parents that he grew up on and my whole family went up there for vacations. It was my FAVOURITE place on earth with some great memories. Unfortunately it has been sold but I would love to go back and visit to see what it's like now!

Now it's your turn, my favourite part. Tell me some things about you!

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