Mix & Match Style Challenge

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you all had a nice weekend! Today is the day I go live with my Mix & Match Style Challenge & Design! I can't wait to share it with you all,  I had so much fun thinking outside the box on this design and doing a style I woudn't normally get to do. "Great ideas come when you are designing outside the box", my inspiration was a mix of retro, 70's & modern classic. I went with teak & dark woods paired with bright colors & patterned fabrics. It reminds me of all those classic movies with Don Knotts, Audrey Hephburn or my personal favourite Cary Grant. Where you catch some of the classic living & dining rooms.

Although this style is considered "vintage" it has really made a come back in todays decorating trends. Your seeing it all over television series and now even more in your own home, from little accessories to large pieces.

Lets get to it, I think I've made you wait long enough!


Now tell me this doesn't remind you of coming home to your parents house when they were growing up? What a trip. Chairish is a online site for Design Lovers to buy & sell vintage furniture & accessories, which has so many amazing options I encourage you all to take a gander!. Mid-Century Moder is such an easy style to design and have fun with, and Chairish makes it that much easier with an entire collection dedicated to just that.

I decided on designing a dining room, you can have some much fun with dining rooms from making it glitz & glam to cozy and comfortable. With neutral light grey/white walls, I felt everything would tie in together nicely, adding color will brighten up the space and statement pieces will add character. This was such a fun challenge bringing in vintage furniture but still giving it a 21st century flare.

I started from the top and moved down deciding on lighting first. I saw this unique and engaging metal chandelier and knew this was the one. A little bit masculine, a ton of personality and a bit of an interesting story behind it.

This table sparked my attention as soon as I saw it, simple yet sleek & stylish. I absolutely adore this Eames brass & leather chair because of its mix between retro and modern.

This 70's inspired credenza also has bit of Art Deco, with the tapered legs and geometric shapes it adds interest & a story to the space.


I choose to add a focal point to this room and this wallpaper was perfect for the job. Placed behind the credenza it's simple enough but adds umph without being overpowering. Wallpaper was huge for that time period so I thought it had to be a staple for this design, and when I saw the trees I had to find somewhere to incorporate it.

Orange, bright, inviting & comfy was all this chair said to me, I had to have it. 70's & retro is all about color and funky pieces so to me this fit right in. This chair will go on either side of the Credenza for some additional seating. When I found these pillows I wasn't sure if they would work, but I went with my gut and I actually love them. They pick up on the theme and colors of the space and pair with the chair beautifully, I can't get enough of them really.


Bar carts was a staple for any dining room and this room was no different. A unique addition that suits the style of the room to a tee. It's funky shape and character makes this one of a kind.

Last but not least  accessories, my favourite part! Isn't this copper bowl with golden legs gorgeous? I choose it to be the center piece on the dining table, add either decorative balls, simple flowers or just as is and its the perfect focal piece. The vibrant blue & yellow glass vases adds height which I placed them on one end of the credenza. While the beautiful white table lamp balances off the other end. To add some text to the room, these books topped off with this gorgeous morroccon gold elephant finish off the credenza.

I kept it relatively simple with statement pieces that spoke bounds. My Vintage Retro 70's Modern Classic Dining Room (now that's a tongue twister)  is such a fun and inviting space to be in. It definitely takes you back in time but still has touches of the 21st century.

Thank you again Chairish & Holly Hughes for giving me the opportunity to express my personality & décor through this Mix & Match Challenge. I had so much fun challenging myself, and thinking outside the box. I would definitely do this again.


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