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Today I am SO excited as I introduce to you Michaela From Michaela Noelle Designs. This is my first of many guest posts and I am so grateful she's here with us today. If you don't know about her go and check her out now, you'll fall in love like I did. Michaela is one of the first few blogs I started to read as I got into blogging and slowly became one of my favorites. With her style right up my alley I got inspired to start blogging myself. I fell in love with her sweet blog and I know you will to, she's here today to tell us a little about her, why she got started, some secrets of the trade & her inspiration.

So lets get started!

Michaela Noelle

Tea/Coffee/Espresso or Latte?

Tea; all day, everyday!

What's your favorite way to start the morning?

Every morning is the same for me. What can I say?! I'm a creature of habit ;) I wake up and make an English muffin with peanut butter. I sit on my sofa to have my morning devotional time, check email, schedule social media posts, and make the day's to-do list.

How did you get started in Interior Design?

From a young age, you could find me building floor plans out of jenga blocks and instead of doing word searches on children's menus at restaurants, I was busy drawing house plans there as well. I think my creative genes came from my Grandma. She is an interior designer and seamstress, so when I was younger I went on a lot of jobs with her. When I grew up a little, probably about high school age, I realized -- oh my! I could really do this for my job! -- and since that moment, I've been pursuing design.

I attended Seattle Pacific University and received by bachelor's degree in interior design, in addition to receiving my AA degree in interior design from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Both schools gave me such different skills one needs to be a successful designer, so I'm very thankful I had those opportunities. While I was in school, I started my design and lifestyle blog as a way to stay busy and try to grow a stead audience, that could then turn into potential clients when I graduated. I have been blogging almost every day for 5 years now, and owe all of the internships and fun shadowing days to blogging. It has been a huge asset for me.

After graduating, I worked for two designers part time, trying to soak up a lot of their knowledge on design and the business aspect of owning your own company. Once I felt comfortable with my abilities, I started my own business, Michaela Noelle Designs, in addition to still authoring my blog. It's been a challenge to keep up with everything, but I'm so grateful. I love this crazy adventure of being a creative business owner.

Michaela teaching at one of her workshops

What design rules do you live by?

I think it's important to know the design rules (like the elements and principles of design), but also know when to break them. The only huge rule I live by is to truly love every single piece in your space; whether it's big or small. If you don't love what you see in your living environment, you're attitude will reflect it. Part of the reason I love interior design so much, specifically residential design, is because I see the effects of how beautiful and functional design impacts a family or individual in a positive way!

What is your favorite part of design/décor?

Gosh, I love it all! If I had to choose, I'd say my favorite part is towards the end of the project, when we bring in accessories and the room starts to feel finished. Nothing beats the smile on my client's face for the final reveal, too! It's shear joy.

Living Room of Michaela's

What's your favorite spot in your home?

I live in a small apartment, but the ceilings in my living room, kitchen and dining room are vaulted, which helps it feel bigger. I think my favorite spot in my home is my living room, because of how open and bright it is. I love the view out my window to the green golf course I live on. It's a view I never expected to have, but absolutely fell in love with upon moving in. Another favorite element of this space is my new sectional sofa. It fits the room perfectly, I love the beautiful custom pillows, and all my cozy throw blankets.

Bloom Workshop- Guests working hard creating blooms & learning photography

How did bloom workshop come about?

Ashley, my co-founder, and I met through blogging in 2011 and clicked immediately! As our individual businesses grew (Ashley is a photographer and I'm a designer), we realized we were both spending a lot of time offering advice, answering emails and essentially consulting for other business owners and new bloggers. We loved talking to other business owners and had a passion for taking other businesses and blogs to the next level, so while brainstorming ways to do this together, we thought of offering a one-time workshop.

At the time, I lived in California and Ashley was in Michigan, so the thought was put aside as we each continued to learn, grow and work hard on our own personal businesses. Fast forward a few years and I relocated to Michigan where Ashley is based, so we finally decided it was time to explore the workshop idea again. In the spring of 2014, our first official Bloom Workshop took place in Rockford, Michigan and sold out in just five hours! Because of the success and positive feedback of the first workshop, we decided to officially launch The Bloom Workshop, taking the events all around the country. Bloom has become an amazing resource for creative women, as we help them navigate the hows and whys of blogging, business, social media, photography and design. Ashley and I are so grateful to be doing what we love in this way.

What's the first thing you do, when you acquire a new project?

The first thing I do is give my client's a client design questionnaire for them to fill out, so I can get to better know their styles. Next, I create an inspiration board for my clients so we can be sure we are on the same page, as far as the style of the room goes. This is really the foundation for the rest of the design project!

Do you have a favorite source for inspiration?

While Pinterest is fun, there's nothing like holding a hard copy of a glossy magazine. I love House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Lonny, Domaine and more!

Michaela and her sweet boyfriend - Photo credit Ashley Slater Photography

When your not busy blogging & decorating what is it you like to do on your spare time?

Let's see...I love going to lunch with friends, spending time with my boyfriend, and we're active in our church's youth group, so we have lots of events with that!

What do you do when you are stumped or have a creative block?

Take a break. Creative jobs like design are different, in that your brain is always thinking and designing (at least mine is!) So when I am thinking too hard about something, a solution or idea doesn't always come. Often if I take a break, go for a walk, go grab a snack or get out of my apartment where I work from, I will think of something and get out of the creative slump.

Doing a quick brainstorm session of any and all ideas, even if they're crazy, works too. From your far-fetched ideas, you can often pare them down and make it into something great and functional. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I agree holding a good inspirational hard copy is like none other! The piece of design advice is spot on Michaela! I totally agree, if you don't love every piece in your home you could set yourself up for dislike and dysfunction and who wants that right?!

Thank you Michaela for joining us today and sharing some design secrets and your story! It was so fun having you!

Follow along with Michaela for décor inspiration, fashion trends, floral finds, and so much more! Her sweet posts and pictures are drool frenzy and would give you so many ideas to run with!