Decorating Styles A Guide On Choosing Yours

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Have you ever felt like picking a decor style is impossible? Well today I am talking all about home decorating styles, and providing you with a guide on choosing yours. I know there are plenty of choices out there, Contemporary, Modern, Eclectic, Traditional, Country-Cottage, Retro, Industrial, Mid-Century modern, feeling overwhelmed yet? Don't worry I am here to clear it all up and give you some tips on how to figure out your own.

So let's dive into is shall we?

Now I want to let you know that some of these definitions may differ, and are up for debate. I will try to explain them the best I can without any bias definitions.

1. Contemporary: Where less is more and subtle clean lines help distinguish the style. With an emphasis on line & form, they are paired with neural & tonal colors. Some pops of color may be added for interest & texture. Most of these spaces are bright & have lots of natural light sources.


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2. Traditional: These are spaces that are comfortable & cozy. With elegant & subtle lines and symmetrical arrangements. Rich moldings, wood work, heavy drapery, dark wood, Persian rugs & hunter greens.


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3. Country Cottage: This is where farmhouse, costal, French country, shabby chic, & rustic all fall in this category. With a bright, airy & mostly white spaces with pops of pastel soft colors. Planked walls, well-worn vintage pieces, second hand treasures, painted/refinished pieces are what are most found in this design. This is an easy style to achieve on any budget.


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4. Eclectic: This can be a mixture of styles which can look cluttered at times. If done right it can be a show case for your collections & memories. Sometimes Bohemian & Moroccan can be put under eclectic as well because of its displays of travel & art pieces from all over the world. Here is a room done the right way.

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5. Retro: Colorful, bright & fun is this style in a nutshell. With florescent colors, bold patterns, glossy finishes this style says sleek & chic all over it. The 50-70's is referenced a lot within this style with classic retro furniture, chrome/stainless steel accessories, white & black tiles & flea market finds.


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6. Modern/Industrial: Clean, simple & sleek with minimal furniture. This style can sometimes feel cold depending on how it is decorated but can be done to feel warm as well. With lots of grey's, exposed wood, exposed duct work & bricks, metals & whites it can be viewed as masculine.



7. Mid-Century Modern:  This may also fall under Contemporary, Modern & Traditional. With clean lines, neutral hues & woods taking center stage. You will see lots of natural light and there will always be a focal point in the room. With a traditional color scheme, vintage/retro accessories, lots of texture will give you that mid-century modern feel. I created a mid century modern dining room here.

This can be really overwhelming and can sometimes feel like you HAVE to choose you style. What if you like a mixture? What if you really don't have a style? That's okay. You don't really have to, there are options if you do like labels but just remember you don't need to. Here are some tips on how to choose your style without a label.

Tips on choosing your style with no label.

Make a board on Pinterest. Then start scrolling through to find rooms that you gravitate towards. Not what's trendy but what makes you comfortable and what's right for you, your family & lifestyle. Then start picking out the trends in each photo and list them on a piece of paper. You can then start figuring out your own style and what works for you. It sometimes can make it clearer once you see it on paper.

Check out what you already own. Can you enhance your furniture or refinish it in any way to give it a new life? Can you move accessories from around the house to make it feel right & new? Really take a look at what you own, it may just tell you your style as well.

Forget the labels. It can cause unwanted stress that you don't need. Find out what you love & what you are drawn to, to me that's YOUR style. What you are comfortable in and what works for your lifestyle is YOUR style. Forget about the labels out there and do you.

Here's a little graphic that you can reference for the future.

Deocrating_ Styles.png

Just remember what gives your heart a pitter patter, or you get really excited about or you just KNOW that this is the piece. Then use it & decorate with it, because being comfortable in your space is the most important than a room being "Pinterest Worthy".

What decorating style do you resonate with most?

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