How To Get Ready For Guests

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I hope you all had great weekends. To all my American readers I hope you had a great holiday weekend and shopped till you dropped! I know I got lots of shopping done this weekend, my list is almost complete! Woohoo to early shopping.

Anyways back to the blog! (Christmas always side tracks me)

Now that Christmas and the holidays are coming that only means one thing. Family and friends are coming in and some from far away. Which means they'll need some where to stay! So let's get our guest room ready for our guests shall we?

I know when I go and stay somewhere I want to feel like I never left home. Special touches and having back up toiletries.

So here's how we do it.

1. Towels & facecloths; having extra towels & face cloths is a great thing to make available. They then don't have to feel like their bugging you for more if they run out & getting ready in the mornings is easy. 

2. Housecoat; A warm and fuzzy house coat that they can use after a shower or jumping in after unwinding after a long day. Is a special treat everyone loves.

3. Toiletries; Providing soaps, shampoos, creams, disposable shavers, toothbrush & toothpaste & Q-tips/Cotton balls. So even if they forget they wont have to bother you or pay for new ones, knowing that they have some in the room for them.

4. Extra blankets; There may be some cold nights as December rolls around so having some extra blankets makes you look prepared and for them being cozy & warm at night.

5. Bedside lighting; Having lamps at the ready will be great for the readers and a great safety feature if they get up in the middle of the night.

6. A place for them to unpack; A long bench or seat at the end of you bed makes a great flat place to put their suitcase and unpack easily.

7. Black out drapes/blinds; A lot of people love the darkness when they sleep so purchasing either blackout blinds or drapery will ensure a great night sleep and a happy morning guest.

8. A basket; To place all of your supplies & goodies for your guests in.

9. Simple & neutral; A simple room creates a calm and soothing space which is the perfect atmosphere after the stress of traveling.

10. Cozy & soft; Comfy, cozy and soft bedding and sheets are the perfect way to climb into bed. Who doesn't love to have the blankets wrapped around while falling into a deep sleep.

Last finishing touch? How about a nice fresh bouquet of flowers with a candle to give a nice aroma and fresh feel.

A happy guest makes for a happy trip, makes for a happy host! Make your guests feel like they are welcome and at home by making things easy for them & special.

Here's some visual inspiration too (who doesn't like pretty pictures of pretty rooms to look at?)

Honey We're Home

Pretty rooms right!? #swoon

Have you got your guest room ready yet? What special touches do you add?

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