If You Could Have A Dream Closet

Hi Lovelies!

If I could have a dream closet, o my word the things I would do.


Aren't those closets dreamy? The white and mirrored doors is so glam and chic, the delicate cabinets with gold details is amazing. The bright and airiness of the third closet is perfect and the washer and dryer in the fourth closet with that green lounge chair WHA!?. Lastly that shoe wall, that mirror, that mirrored desk, and that chair!? Be still my heart.

I discovered Compass a high end technology based real estate company & their challenge to create my dream closet with no limits & no budget. WHA?! Game on! I enthusiastically agreed and started creating.

I had to have product photos, layout sketches, mood board collages, decorating advice etc. I had so many ideas and what women wouldn't want to create & design her budget free dream closet. I kept my fiancĂ© in mind while creating mine as to make it a little more challenging and creating a space for a couple rather than just a bachelor or bachelorette.

Here are some sketches I came up with;

I tried three different layouts & options for a variety. These were very rough and just tried to give me an idea of what I wanted. These were fun as I love to draw and sketch!

The first sketch is my favorite, you enter with French style doors, it has the wall storage on the left wall for shoes & purses and has a fireplace (for those cold winter nights). It has the bay window & window seat with other floor to ceiling windows placed on the wall you see when you first walk in (lots of natural light). It has ample storage, a place for my desk & vanity & an island. The only thing I didn't put in the design was the washer & dryer. Maybe we can use on half of one of the wardrobes for placement there?

The second sketch Is a little bit different, the French doors are still there and the shoe wall and fireplace is still in the same spot. The bay window has changed to the back wall and the design of the island is a little different. There is a place for the washer & dryer. I placed the desk in front of the window and used a chair instead of the window seat, so I could look out while working. The design seemed a bit bare and there is an empty wall in the corner. Not my favorite but an option none the less.

The last sketch was entirely different, I tried it without the bay window and made an inlay instead. I put the desk there with floor to ceiling shelving on either side. There is a spot for the vanity with the bench in the right top corner, the island, 2 windows on the back wall for natural light. The shoe wall is on the left wall paired with open shelving. The washer & dryer is placed underneath in the top left corner and lots of ample closet space. The fireplace and bay window are missing in this design. There is a lot of space & it's organized well, I like this design but I just don't feel it's us as much as the first design is.

You can always tweak your design until you pick your layout, that's why it's a good place to start, then finalize and draw up your final design.

Wish list;

  • Washer & dryer
  • Window seat
  • Jewelry storage & drawers
  • A desk
  • A vanity
  • White shaker cabinets
  • Pant drawer hangers
  • Belt/Tie & Scarf racks
  • Wall shoe & purse display system
  • Michaela Noelle & Grandma's Etsy shop- Lilac & Grace, custom fabric store for the window seat cushion
  • Fresh Hydrangea's each week

I love Michaela Noelle's Etsy shop she runs with her Grandma Liliac & Grace. So I couldn't resist having a custom made window seat cushion. I have always wanted a window seat and love the idea of sitting while reading a book in the sunlight or day dreaming looking into the woods. (I did not choose to show the fabric as it's custom and her choices change constantly.)


Vase/Chandelier/White Marble/Mirror/White Vanity/Washer/Handle/Desk/Round Backed Chair/Bench/White Shaker Cabinet/Dryer/Knob/Hydrangeas

I wanted to showcase masculine features but still keep it feminine, a space where we both can enjoy. As I probably would be spending the most time in there, I added a lot of pretty touches. The style I was going for was cottage chic, with the walls painted a creamy white, wood & distressed furniture, lots of texture & wrought iron I feel I achieved the look.

  • Over the island is going to be the hanging chandelier, isn't it amazing? Rustic, masculine, unique & a statement piece all in one I LOVE IT.
  • I love the look of white cabinets, well actually white everything,  its so fresh, bright and clean. Adding colorful accessories & textures will take away from the "sterile" look of all white. I chose white shaker cabinets for the wardrobes and white marble for the counters.
  • To tie in the country cottage theme, I choose wrought iron handles for the drawers and knobs for the doors. I did not do this intentionally but it even matches the chandelier.
  • Who wouldn't want a washer and dryer in their closet? What a neat and convenient idea, it would all be in one place and no more travelling with heavy baskets of clothing. (plus your clothes get put away right then instead of staying in the basket for a few days, am I the only one that does this?)
  • Some glitz and glam with a leaning gold trim wall mirror, for any last minute hair, outfit & makeup checks.
  • Isn't that Bergere Accent Chair incredible!? I had to have one, I've wanted it as soon as I saw it on Chairish.
  • That tufted bench is the perfect place to put on or take off shoes.
  • A gold vase with fresh hydrangeas placed inside each week, is such a nice finishing touch. I love blooms and they add such joy, air and brightness to a space.
  • The white vanity is my absolutely favourite and I've always wanted one after spotting it on Ikea. So I made sure to have one, they are so elegant to me.
  • As I am an avid accessory collector a jewelry storage system was important. The thought of velvet drawers, velvet stands and a fabric necklace wall display sounded perfect to me. To make it functional to get each piece quickly & easily.
  • I have a slight shoe obsession as well (I'm not the only one right?) and maybe a purse problem. Having a wall for storage and display was a must, plus I've always dreamed & drooled over them. Keeping them organized and easily seen makes it so easy to coordinate and choose your pair for the day.
  • I wanted to have a desk space for somewhere to escape and work. I really liked the idea of having it by the window and have been inspired seeing it in other spaces. I wanted the sunshine on my back and natural light to work with. Plus thinking outside the box who wouldn't want to use a custom made window seat for your office chair?

There really isn't any rules now a days for your home or space. So having a desk float in a space, be by a window, angled in a corner or using a window seat as a chair, I say go for it!

Keeping a bright and inviting space for me and my significant other to use day in and day out was important. I achieved this by keeping masculine features and feminine touches, lots of natural light and lots of texture. I simply adore it, I would live in this space all day if it was real!

When designing your own closets choose what's most functional for you & your family. Start with a theme or style and go from there, keep it similar as the rest of your household to keep a flow throughout. Creating a floor & placement plan is a great place to start. Make a list of your wishes, wants, needs & must-haves. Then choose a color palette & accessories. Hire out if you need help, or if your handy with a hammer then starting building!

This was such a fun and exciting project to create. Thank you Compass for giving me an opportunity to be included in this great challenge!


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