Tips On How To Seasonally Decorate | How Do You Decorate?

Good Morning Lovelies!

I hope you all have been having a great week so far. I have been seeing so many posts around the blogging world about getting your house ready for fall. It makes me wonder do you all decorate each season?

I on the other hand don't do as much "seasonal" decorating but more decorating for the holidays!  Christmas (my favorite holiday) for example I go all out decorating from top to bottom. Being in a basement apartment not many people get to see it but it makes me all kinds of happy. Now seasonal decorating is not for everyone it's more of a personal preference, don't feel obliged to do it just because you see it everywhere. It can get expensive and for me personally I just decorate to enjoy all year with decorating for the holidays in between. Now don't get me wrong I love all the new home décor that comes out every season but it's just not for me.

Now if you are a seasonal decorator or would like to start, here are some tips in getting your houses ready for each season.

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Spring; Flowers are in bloom, trees are gleaming in green with a fresh & floral scent in the air. Spring cleaning fever is in high bloom as well.

  • Add bright & inviting colors
  • Floral accessories; pillows, curtains, fabrics
  • Decorating with blooms & greenery
  • If your willing for a big change, put a fresh coat of paint in your home or a specific room (spring refresh/clean)
  • Opening those blinds & windows and letting the natural light in
  • Add bright & colorful artwork or printable's to the wall
  • Spring "vignettes" using; birds, nests, eggs, branches, flowers


Summer; The sun is shining and its flip-flop season. The beach is calling and its time to let the windows open and let the fresh air in.

  • Open your doors and windows and feel the cool breeze & warm air flow through
  • Add bright fabrics, colors and accessories
  • Bringing nature in for not only the smell but greenery & blooms add a sense of happiness & welcoming
  • Sea shells, star fish & beach themed accessories
  • Less is more, it's hot outside and having your home light & airy helps you feel light, calm & relaxed
  • Add lots of pattern & fun prints to your space

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Fall; Summer is now coming to an end, warm weather is disappearing and it's starting to become crisp out. This is when you would want to make your house warm. Creating an inviting & "cozy" by the fire with a hot cocoa feeling.

  • Fuzzy & Woven Blankets
  • Adding pumpkin pillows, vases filled with pumpkins & leaves,
  • Adding in colors such as oranges, burgundy's, whites, browns, dark greens, yellows (think of the trees)
  • Lanterns
  • Candles
  • Scents of fall - spiced pumpkin, spiced apple, coffee, fallen leaves
  • Little "fall" vignettes using wheat, owls, wreaths, wooden signs, acorns
  • Add lots of texture using wood, baskets, woven & knit fabrics

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Winter; The snow is on the ground and its the time of year that winter jackets, hats & mitts are upon us. It sparkles and shines outside with a bitter coldness that fills the air. As the days get shorter it's time to maximize the light in your space.

  • Add reflective accessories
  • Mirrored accessories
  • Clear vases, containers & candle holders
  • Keep those big & fuzzy blankets out and easy to grab
  • Layer and create a inviting atmosphere - layer in more pillows or textiles
  • Add in colors such as creams, whites, silvers, gold's, greens, blues,
  • Scents of winter - popery, evergreen, cinnamon, hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies etc.
  • Think big, comfy, cozy & warm with lots of layers
  • Add in winter accessories such as reindeers, snow flakes, ever green trees, ornaments, candles

Make the dollar store your friend, thrift stores and Wal-Mart/target. You can find affordable home décor items to make it easy to swap out each season. Or if you really found a piece you love why not splurge on it? Keep in mind when your looking or have found something, that it can be used all season if its really a splurge.

Another facelift that you can easily do. Is to decorate your mantle, you can add accessories, blooms, greenery, candles, pictures and more for each of the different seasons or holidays. Decorating a mantle is fun and probably the most inexpensive way to change the feel of each room. Also another easy & fun project each season is to change your table décor & center piece to suit the season coming.

There you have it! Fun, easy, inexpensive tips for getting your home ready for the seasons.

Do you have any tips I forgot? What are your feelings on seasonal decorating? What do you do in your own home?

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