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Hey Lovelies!!

I guess you may have noticed a few changes going on around here. I have been doing small updates to my blog & website to make it more functional and a little bit more Lovely. I loved the original design but I wanted to take it to the next level. so I added some new things.

Here is what I did;

  • Changed my color scheme
  • New fonts
  • New blog header designs
  • Added category buttons to the side bar
  • Added a category drop down menu in the menu bar

Here's what to come;

  • A new cover page
  • Some exciting news for only my VIP's only. Become one and subscribe now, so you don't miss out! (nudge, nudge it's in the side bar).
  • A new signature

I am really excited for all that's happening and what's to come. I hope you all are as well! Let me know what you think, because I really do love hearing from you.

Now here's another little treat for you guys.

Since maybe some of you are new, just started following along or have been here for a while. I thought I'd share some more tidbits about me! I always love it when I see these on other bloggers sites, so why not right!? It's always fun to know more about the face behind the blog.

I am an only child. Yup just me, myself & I, no sisters, no brothers. I guess my parent's thought I was enough (hehe). I wanted a sibling and asked for a while but alas no luck. Hey I can't complain though I have a close net family and being an only child has it's perks (no I am not spoiled at all, *looks around guilty*)

I boxed as a hobby. I used to box when I was younger, I LOVED it and kind of wish I could get back into it. It kept me super fit and stress free, it let out a lot of frustration and was just a lot of fun.

My favourite, FAVOURITE holiday is Christmas. I know this may be a lot of people's favorite, but this is mine because it's just one of the best times of year. I also get SO excited to give my loved ones & special people in my life gifts and spoil them. I much rather give then receive and isn't that what it's all about? I also love decorating for Christmas, I put up decorations all over and I even have 2 tree's!

I have a tattoo. I have a dragon tattoo on my upper middle back, I got it because I was inspired by one of my dad's tattoo's. I always forget it's back there but when I do it makes me feel like a badass (just a little, okay maybe a lot). I kind of want another one..maybe soon?

I have an obsession with peanut butter. Need I say more? First step is acceptance.

I kind of have a thing for necklaces. As you seen in this post here, I have quite a few. I cant really have enough either, so why stop!? There's just so many nice ones out there.

Now it's your turn! Tell me a little something about you. Am I the only one with a peanut butter obsession?

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See you all next Wednesday!

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