A Corner Self


Hi Lovelies,

I hope you had a great weekend, and a good start to your week. Today I am excited to FINALLY reveal what I did with my prize from CAML-TOMLIN that I won from the Toronto Interior Design Show, I wrote about my day at IDS here. This took a while and a few thoughts to really figure out what I wanted to use this for. If your new here (welcome!) or haven't heard what I won (also posted on my twitter & instagram) I had won a corner shower glass shelf.

They had really enjoyed my Jewelry Corner post and I had ended up entering their twitter contest while at the IDS show and won! I had a few ideas on where to add it and thought about adding it to my jewelry corner. My jewelry dresser has a lid on the top, so I would have to hang the corner shelf too high to have access in it. I wasn't thrilled with that idea so I tried to come up with some others and then it hit me.

I have been loving fresh flowers and have been seeing little succulents everywhere, so I thought I had the perfect corner in my hallway/living room for it. I decided to make it my little "green garden". I have been wanting to incorporate more greenery, flowers & plants in my home, so I thought this was perfect. Now although it's hard (lack of natural light & a green thump) to put plants & flowers in a basement apartment, I decided to go ahead anyways. It really does add life to a space and makes me happy seeing pretty flowers and a cute little succulent.

I am really happy with my decision and cross your fingers that they'll last (hehe). Who knows I can always change out what I display as the time goes on. I thought it was the perfect addition and light enough that it doesn't put to much weight on the shelf.

This is the space with the shelf installed (thanks Andrew!);

This is the corner "flowerized";

So cute right? I love the pretty flowers and finally so happy to have my little succulent. I'll let you know how it works out..


I found the flowers, succulent and glass jar at metro, I was also going to fit in a pink tropical plant but it was too much for the shelf (plus there was not enough room) so I put the plant on my new desk (a post about that coming soon). I re planted the tropical plant in my mason mug and added some pink life to my "office". I then replanted my little succulent into a gold & pink (my ever growing collection) vintage tea cup. I thought it was the perfect size and would looks so cute, and plus I get to display another one of my vintage cups ;). I put the pink & white daises in the ever so cute clear dotted jar (with a cute silver rope handle). Everything fits so perfectly and is so feminine, that I am actually thrilled with my choices (my fiancé on the other hand doesn't like all the pink...whoops).

All I needed to buy was;

  • A new jar
  • Flowers - I choose daises
  • Pink tropical plant
  • Succulent

Things I had;

  • Mason jar mug
  • Tea cup
  • Corner Shower Glass Shelf
  • Soil

This little project cost me all of about $28! Not bad eh?

I know it wasn't an incredible, amazing, crazy repurpose but it works and from taking a Corner Shower Glass Shelf and making it a home garden display, I'd say I did a pretty good job (pats self on back). Now I have a great little home garden I can change & look forward to each day.

Thank you CAMIL-TOMLIN for the great prize, it was a fun experience. It was also lovely to chat with you at IDS and look forward to keeping in touch.

Have you repurposed anything in your home? What would you have done?

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