One Room Challenge | Living Room Progress

Hi friends!

We'll it's week 2 of the one room challenge and it's really coming along! I can't wait to show you how far it's come. If you missed last weeks post and link you can find it here. So just to refresh I am finishing my living room and this is what the room looked like before.

I decided that the wall color just wasn't working for me anymore and it was time for a change. To paint or not to paint that was the question and I decided to paint. It needed to be brighter and fresher down here so I went with gold old white. I choose a few different shades and put them on the walls so I could see which one stood out to me.

I choose Falling Snow White by Behr which for my space brought out the whitest white but was soft enough to make it warm.

One weekend I ask my dad to help me (there might have been a lunch bribe in there) and we tackled the whole apartment. Amazingly we got it all done within a weekend! We painted the bathroom Offshore Mist by Behr and the rest of the apartment Falling Snow white. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to, you can see the full reveal here but I'll show you just the living room today.

Isn't it beautiful? Also isn't it amazing how a little paint can entirely change a space? It's so much brighter & fresher, just the way i wanted it. I also love that back wall now, as you noticed I took the shade off the lamp (hard to see because the light was on). My dad needed it for some light in some areas and I actually really liked the look and kept it off. Paired with the guitar it's almost like a little niche nook, just a few more things and it'll be perfect.

The progress is really moving a long and I may or may not have made an IKEA run already to grab a few things. We'll save that for next week or if you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen a sneak peek.

  • Paint; I am thinking a white
  • New Pillows; either blue and white, stripped or floral
  • Picture ledges; on the far guitar wall
  • A New throw
  • Either take away the coffee table, use the ottoman as the coffee table or leave as is (got to check with the man)
  • Take away the black lounge chair
  • Take down the small pictures
  • Think about changing the picture on the step out wall


I seem to be knocking things off the list left, right and center. So I am pretty proud of myself, 6 out of 8 is pretty good start don't you think?

I can't wait to show you what's in store next week, I have to make a few more small purchases but it is really coming along. Don't forget to take a look at the other guest participants and featured designers because they have some really amazing spaces to work with! I am getting really excited to see the other transformations.

How's your space coming along?


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