25 Ways To Decorate A Rental

Hi my decorating pals,

Sorry I've been a little in-consistent this week! I am leaving for a trip on Sat and trying to get everything ready has been a bit crazy! I am so excited as I leave for England tomorrow night!! Ahhh!

It will be nice to really wind down, relax and enjoy myself. I feel my mind, body and soul really need this, so I am more then excited my friends! How about you do you have any trips or vacations planned soon?

Ok on to our planned program. 

Have you ever had trouble thinking of what to change in your new home? When i finally figured out how to make my old apartment my own. I was so much happier, but I struggled and it took a lot of time and research.

You've got rules to follow and your limited to what your allowed. You want to make it your own, and make it home but your not exactly sure how. 

I came up from my own experience with 25 ways to decorate any rental or even home! 

You need to be able to enjoy the space your in, and be happy with where you are.

1. Paint

Putting on a fresh coat of paint can bring a space back to life, using color or texture adds personality.

2. Change Hardware

Change any hardware on cabinets, drawers or furniture for a new or updated look.

3. Add statement lighting

Find bold chandeliers or unique, one of a kind lighting.

4. Storage Solutions

Multiple storage or hidden storage units will make you get the most out of your space, while remaining organized and functional.

5. Fresh Blooms

Beautiful flowers add a bright light to your room and instantly change emotion, and may help with those winter blues.

6. Bringing Nature In

Plants, mini trees, greenery, sticks/branches etc, will add a fresh outdoorsy scent to your space.

7. Accessorize

Find funky, chic, fun, charming accessories that scream YOU.

8. Removable Wallpaper

They have tons of fun & modern temporary wall paper designs you can choose from. Or there are tons of DIY's you can find on Pinterest to put wallpaper up, but take it down with ease that you won't ruin your walls from.

9. Rugs

To ground & finish off your room add a rug! They can add so much personality, pattern and color how could you not!?

10. Add "Sections"

Section off your space make little niche's or vignettes. It will make your space feel more functional and organized. Such as an office nook, coffee corner, jewelry corner etc. It's a fun little project that will also help you feel at home.

11. Add Personality

Find pieces that are unique to you, family heirlooms, personal pieces and make it your own and enjoy it!

12. Don't be afraid of color

Yes you can still add color in a rental! Add bright, fun or even crazy color choices! By choosing fun pillows, curtains, accessories or fabric choices for your furniture. 

13. Fun Bed Coverings

Find fun, pretty, unique, or colored bedding. You can either buy bed spreads or a duvet cover so you can change it up when you need to. You will never get bored and it will add some variety into your life.

14. Paint Cabinetry

Instead of a full renovation sand, prime & paint those ugly or outdated cabinetry. 

15. Change Faucets

Update or change the kitchen or bathroom faucets for a more updated feel.

16. Clean Counters

Keep those counters clean, uncluttered and organized. You wont feel so cramped and you'll have so much more space to work with. It'll put a smile on your face and keep your happy heart.

17. Add Hangers & Hooks

Add hooks or hangers in the entry way, bedroom, bathroom & kitchen etc. It will give you added storage and keep everything easily accessible.

18. Add what you love

Pretty self explanatory, It's your space don't be afraid to make it yours.

19. Curtains

Patterned or geometric curtains add interest to a bare wall or empty window. They can be functional or decorative. 

20. Baskets & Bins

Baskets and bins are a great storage option and plus they come in all that pretty woven, patterned or colored designs!

21. Add Mirrors

Especially if you are in a small space, mirrors can make any room feel bigger & brighter. Plus you always have access to make sure your looking your best (hehe).

22. Light Bright

Keeps those windows open and let the light shine in! It does wonders for your soul and warms up any space.

23. Line your cabinets

Use decorative/sticky paper, to add personality to furniture or inside cabinetry.

24. Hang wall art

Exactly how it sounds, hang away!

25. Wall stickers

Fun quotes, shapes or objects you can stick (and remove when needed) to add personality to a blank canvas. They are easy to change and there is so many to choose from.

Now with some of these you may want to check with your landlord first. If you get the OK then go for it and have some fun with it!

"Decorating can be fun and not as stressful as people think it is. "

Remember any home, apartment or condo can be your own. It can be done on a budget or not, but i assure you any space you create with you, your memories, your family and your personality will be a place called home. 

How do you stay happy in your space?

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