5 Basement Friendly Plants


Hi Friends,

I apologize for my disappearing act last week, and the weird posting time today! I ended up getting sick with a flu/bug and decided I needed rest especially because I wasn't eating much. I'm on the mend now but I missed you guys so I'm back but just bare with me ok?

I have been loving seeing everyone decorating and using flowers, plants & greenery in their spaces. I decided to jump on that train too. Can anyone say plant lady? They just bring so much life, how could you not?!

Now here was my dilemma, I live in a basement and not much survives down there. I've had trouble finding things that would work for me because I also have asthma and allergies too #boom #winning. I couldn't have anything too fragrant or because of my lack of a green thump, anything that required to much care.

There are a few restrictions living in a basement; little to no natural airflow and nautral light so it was all about trial & error. I couldn't wait to share with you!

I did all the hard work so you didn't have to. Now you can just enjoy all the plants you want while keeping them happy and healthy.

My 5 little plants;

  1. Ivy Plant
  2. Air Plants: Succulents &/Or Flowers
  3. Roses
  4. Daisy's/Gerbers
  5. Bamboo

Basement's Arch Nemesis;

  1. Tropical plants
  2. Ferns
  3. Anything that requires ALOT of light & air to survive,
  4. Bergonia's
  5. Orchids

Tools to keep handy so you can keep your super plants happy;

  1. Water pump spritzer
  2. Spray Bottle
  3. Miracle Grow
  4. Extra flower food
  5. Little tools if you need to fix or transfer any plants.

Placement Tips;

  1. Place near a window source
  2. Do not place where a heat source is; yes I may have thought it was a smart idea and well lets just say I learned from that mistake.
  3. Do not place where there is little to no light (shaded area)
  4. Higher up on a shelf or book case
  5. Do not place right under a light source or near where it shines directly. It can affect and eventually kill the plant.

What have you tried? Do you have any more that I missed? I would love to try more if you have some suggestions!

Disclaimer; I am no plant expert, and these are all my opinions and experiences. So if any information isn't entirely correct I apologize. These are the tips I learned from my own trials & errors and that worked for me. That I wanted to share with you, hopefully they work for you too!

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