5 Beautiful Bathroom Designs

5 Beautiful Bathroom Designs.png

Hey my super peeps!

Since I dove in on some kitchen designs last week, I thought I'd share some bathroom designs that I fell in love with this week. As I feel bathroom and kitchens are a selling point and a hugely important part of any home. If it doesn't flow, function or look pretty it bothers you does it not? These are usually the first things people will fix or renovate because they stand out the most.

Rooms can be redecorated, painted or spruced up with accessories but ugly kitchens, bathtubs, cabinets, counters or vanities are a deal breaker.

Let's look at some none deal breaker bathrooms shall we?



Can we talk about some seriously stunning bathrooms? That copper claw foot tub? Black accessories & dark hardware. Yes please.

What is your favorite? Do you like darker finishes or keep it simple & light?


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