5 Best Candles and Scents For Your Home

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Hi all!

Oh how I love baking, cooking and having your house smell fresh when you walk in the door. Like the real estate agents that say bake cookies before a house showing. Oh yum that would just make me want all the cookies and hope that there are some actually there ahah.

Do you use any scents, incense or candles in your home? I love getting vanilla, cookie, pumpkin or just simple smelling ones. I've even had mint chocolate chip and coffee! Yummy, they help me take those sweet cravings away and make my house smell scrumptious at the same time.

So I hooked you up with some of my favorite smells to add to your place!

Here are 5 of the best smelling yummies


Bath & Body Works - I can't just choose one, #you're welcome.


 Goji Voluspa Candle - You can find these at chapters, and there are so many scents but this one is my favorite.


Boulangerie - You can find these at Anthropologie and they have so many yummy sounding scents.


DipTyque - I haven't tried this brand myself but I have heard lots of good things!


Dayna Decker - Again haven't tried myself but just by looking at it, it smells awesome.


Himalyian Rock Salt Candle - This one I just snuck in there, there is no smell but makes a WORLD of difference in your space. It takes out all the negativity and purifies the air. You can find them anywhere online or Green Earth.

Also another great option for cleansing and smelling fresh is a diffuser! With all the benefits and great smells essential oils have you could have a different smell each day! 

I just love adding candles and turning down the lights or having them off even! It just creates such a warming, relaxing, cozy feeling. It creates such a different atmosphere any season of the year.

Do you have any you love? I'd love to pick out some new ones.

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