5 Easy To Fix Home Decor Mistakes

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Hi my lovely peeps!

Today I come in quick and stealthy, busting 5 home decor mistakes that are floating around out there, and you may be making yourself

It could even be affecting your home and your home's chi.

These are simple mistakes but don't worry, with simple mistakes comes simple fixes!

Matching everything: Everything matching everything tends to become a little overwhelming, you can have things in the same tone, or that accent each other but try to balance it out by adding a grounding piece, color or texture.

Forgetting about lighting: Lighting is important and something easily missed. Think about having accent, task, and main lighting in each room, then what each function would be, and lastly the style of each. Choose your wattage of the bulb to what you need & are doing in the space and add as much natural light as you can.

Using the wrong size rug: This happens a lot! Not to worry it's an easy fix there are TONS of things online that give you the right rug placement & sizes. There may even be some templates coming soon to my library! If you don't follow along yet, click here!

Test your colors! Don't just go by the look, test them out! Either tape the chip on the wall to see each color in different times of the day (they do sell larger chips if you don't want to actually put paint on the wall yet) or try a test pot and paint a small patch to make sure it's the right choice for you.

Hanging your art too high: This can be an easy mistake and tends to get missed alot. Sometimes just realigning your art can make all the difference. Hang your art at eye level or 57" from the floor.

See I told yea! Super easy, simple and can be fixed in a weekend and even on a budget.

How awesome is that? #yourwelcome

Do you have anymore to add? Where you surprised by any?

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