5 Home Decor Trends For 2018

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Good Morning decor pals! 

I always love this time of year because this is the time we learn about all the new trends coming out! 

Theres always some that you love and some that you hate! It's the name of the game friends, but we always find in the end what works for us and what we love. 

Trends come and go but whatever works for you stays forever!

Ok back to the newest 2018 trends. 

Circle Patterns 


Tone on Tone 


Brass Accents 


Colourful Trim 


Agate Wallpaper


I think the colourful trim and the gorgeous Agate wallpaper is my favourite for this year. Such a statement and a way to make each space unique. I always love the brass accents its always such a beautiful accent. I feel like that may stay around for a while.  

There's more trends to see for 2018, those were just a few! If you want to check out more House Beautiful has a round up ready for you.

What's your favorite trends this year?