5 Living Room Essentials & How To Pick Them

Good Morning my Decor buds!

How are you this fine Wednesday? Summers really pushing through now and I couldn't be happier to have nice days and the sun out. Lack of Vitamin D?

No more sitting inside, lounging on the couch, eating too much because of the holidays and doing nothing but hibernating because the weather is crazy outside.

However to make it a bearable place to hibernate in and now that the weather is nice host in.

Here are some of the 5 top essentials to have in your living room:

  1. Couch: the most used and the most center part of the room.
  2. Focal point: to bring character and your own personality to the space. The "wow" factor.
  3. Area Rug: grounding the room while making it more welcoming.
  4. Lighting: to brighten and liven up the room, can also helps with your mood.
  5. Decor Accessories: to add pizzazz and interest for your eyes to move around the room.

These top 5 things will give you the grounding point you need to get your room started, After you have these, you can go crazy putting accessories and your personal touches.

Just don't go to overboard or you'll have to de-clutter one of these days! But that's always fun no?

Now to worry about how to pick them:

  • Choose your color scheme: you can either have one chosen for the whole house or go room by room if its less overwhelming. Or have at least an idea of where you'd like to go. If you want to keep it all the same color just different tones, a neat trick would be to use the color strips from paints stores as the color story for the rooms you want to change.
  • Find a style you like or want to achieve: Find inspiration or pinterest pictures for the style you like, you pick your favorite parts out of it or use it to follow but that will fit your home and your personality.
  • See what you have in the space already: Take inventory of what you have already, then what you need and what you like. Create your list and budget and work from there!
  • Move from the bottom up: You can work from the bottom up, its what works for you. If you have a rug or flooring that your show casing, start there and work up.
  • Research: find your products, read reviews, find the right pieces and really find what you love even if its a mixture of styles, that's ok! 
  • Go and look: for the pieces you find go and check them out first, you make not like the material or texture once you see them in real life.
  • Try it first: Take it home and try it first make sure you like...no love it. If it works then great! If not on to the next but then you'll be sure and won't have to settle.
  • Go ahead and buy: then once your heart is content go ahead and buy! 
  • Fun part: now it's time to put it all together in a functional, personal living room.

Just remember quality over quantity my friends with your most important or used pieces in the room. You want it durable for all those family get together's, little nuggets running around or those girls wine glass nights.

"With these tips helping you, you'll find your perfect pieces and your most comfortable space yet."

This is all fun and games, have confidence and go with your gut. I'm telling you most of the time it's right, I can't stress enough that there are no rules, just guides & tips to help you to your perfect oasis.