5 No Paint Needed DIY's

Oh hey there my friend,

Since apparently I have been on the rental, apartment DIY train lately. I thought I would bring some more for you today for a quick post with super cool ideas that are NO PAINT NEEDED.

Say wha?!

Yup you read that right and I will just get straight to it, so I can prove it to you.


Little House Of Four


Source Unknown

Apartment Therapy

This is just a taste but if you put your superpowers to it the door is wide open in possibilities. There are also little things you can do that are quick, easy and hassle free and that will give you the quick update you are looking for.

How about?

  • Command strips can you tell I use these a lot?
  • Wrapping paper
  • Washi Tape
  • Paper Art

Again endless!

Enjoy and let me know which ones you tried :) See you Friday!

What do you all think? Would you try any of these?


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