10 Things To Know When You Move Into A Rental & A Cheat Sheet!

Have you just moved into a rental? Wish you knew what to do now? Well I am here to help! Today I am going to go over 5 things you should keep in mind when your looking to move into a rental apartment or home.

These are some things I wondered and had an answer for when I moved into my apartment. Some I wish I knew before, some I had no idea and some I knew.

Keep an eye out for any of these when moving or looking for a place of your own.

1. Any hidden fees? Make sure they are no hidden, up front fee's, penalty fee's etc. Read through the whole contract or lease form before signing. You don't want to find out and then have an unnecessary cost you didn't know or expect.

2. How's security? Is the home or building relatively secure? If this is a concern for you? Make sure they are the mandatory locks, and safety precautions that should be available to you. You can even take it further by adding your own security system in your space.

SimpliSafe is another amazing tool that is so cool to add extra security. It's got all the bell's & whistles with an affordable price tag. Night & day protection, celluar connection, checking on your home from anywhere in the world plus more. What's better than that?

(not a sponsored post, just a really neat product/company that I wanted to share with you!)

3. Are there others living in the space/home? If this is a basement apartment or even a home are there any room mates? Have you lived with them before? Are they your friends or someone you haven't met? Get to know them, their tendencies and they're values. Before you sign any lease make sure you are able to communicate and live with them. Especially in a basement apartment, make sure you are going to be able to live below that person. Or if there are no separate entrances, are you going to be ok with that.

4. Is it pet friendly? Make sure to ask if it's pet friendly or if they're are any additional costs/rules to having pets.

5. Is there decorating freedom? Check to see what you can do in your space. Can you paint, redecorate, move things, fix/renovate, drill holes etc. You want to be sure you at least have some freedom to make your space, as comfortable & personable as you want.

6. Is utilities included? Does the rental fee include your utilities or is it just the rent. How are you transactioning payment each month etc. Be sure to sit with your future landlord and figure all that out, making sure it won't be a hassle or that you can make it work well.

7. Who pays for what, when it comes to maintenance? If something is broken, needs fixing or even just maintenance. Who pays for what and what costs do you need to cover?

8. Is there a fire exit? Is there a proper fire exit? Especially in basement apartments, you need by law a "larger" fire window installed to make sure you can get out easily. Make sure the building is equipped with all safety precautions, it is your duty to make sure it is safe no matter what. If it's not at least you know a head of time! More on safety here,

9. What are the parking rules? Is there a serperate parking cost, is there underground parking, is there reserved spots? Make sure you ask how all of that works and if they are costs or rules to having guests come by or stay the night.

10. Is there rules on having guests or noise control? If it gets too noisy who are you supposed to complain to? Is it ok to have guests (especially if there is no separate entrance)? Check out all the rules before you sign because you don't want anything unexpected showing up!

I know moving out & getting your own space can be overwhelming but don't think to much into it. Just ask what you want to know. Read everything and make sure it's what your looking for (even if it's just for right now) and that you will be happy. Here's a little cheat sheet to help you out! Check it out in my library.

These are great things I came into contact with or questioned in my experience. Some were brought to my attention afterwards (wish I knew sooner) or I learned as the experience was going on. I hope these help you, as you consider moving/looking for your own place. Hopefully this will help prevent any mishaps in the future as well!

What about you, do you have any tips I forgot? What were some things you learned? Let me know in the comments below, I always love to hear from you.


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