5 Things You Should Never Throw Out!


Hey my friends!!

How is my super pal's doing?

Alright so have you ever thrown something out and then thought "shit I could've used that".

Your thinking in sat in my closet for god knows how long and never moved so I can toss it! Now I actually need it and have to go out and buy another one. Has that happened to you too or just me?

"Always make sure & think before you throw out"

It happened to be the other day when I was (not decor related) making some fruit water and I had a huge jug. I ended up tossing it out in my organizing frenzy and regret it now. Unfortunately I am back to making fruit water, which I thought I wouldn't because it got expensive and now I need a new jug. Was that a long sentence or what? Woo

The point is I wish I would've known sooner (maybe go forward in time, super power anyone?) and hadn't thrown it out. But unfortunately that's not possible so I made due long story short.

Same goes for decor & accessories my friends it's almost better to have some extra things laying around.

Maybe think about a decor closet?! Then you can shop your own house, brilliant. That would be super cool no? I need to make me one of these. Then you wouldn't have that sudden urge to go out and buy something new unless you really, really, really need to. Sometimes that happens.

"Disclaimer; Use those super powers and see what you really use & need. You do not need to go out and buy things to fill your new d├ęcor closet. Just start keeping things you collect or switch out over time. If you do however go fill up your new closet, husbands I am not to blame!"

My 5 top things to never throw out;

  1. Boxes, Bins & Baskets; Can you really go wrong with storage baskets or bins? Having extra is always handy.
  2. Candles: These are great for the senses as well as atmosphere. They almost look pretty styled on a coffee table, mantle or dining room table. You can never have enough right?
  3. "Out of Season" accessories; When you have enough of some of your accessories or you need a switch out or you simply seasonal decorate and are changing seasons. This is one of the best things to have! It'll be cheaper and much more convenient
  4. Organizers; From makeup organizers to plastic drawer units to drawer dividers and more. These will help your head from spinning and then "unseen" mess you see when you open a drawer, closet or door.
  5. Pillows; Umm this is just because what girl doesn't love pillows or buys an excessive amount when they're on sale or are just to cute to pass by? Am I right ladies?

Guys you can't go wrong with having a little extra around the house. Especially if you are like me and like to change things frequently, then you can just hit up your special cupboard and VOILA new feel, new atmosphere, new room.

Plus its MUCH cheaper and your bank accounts with obviously thank you, I should probably start think about that because mine might really thank me.

What are your top 5's? Did some surprise you?


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