5 Tips For An Organized Kitchen

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Have you ever cleaned, re-cleaned, re-organized and cleaned your Kitchen 6 times in one day? Have you ever opened up your drawers and had to search through mounds of stuff to find what your looking for.

I remember when I was living in the apartment, it would drive me nuts trying to find something or I'd re-arrange cupboards to make it function better. Then I finally purged, re-organized and did simple things throughout the day that helped me stay sane, plus it kept my kitchen clean, organized and easy to maintain. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one whose gone down that road.

So I thought I'd share some helpful tips & neat storage systems to get your kitchen glowing. 

Tips To Help Keep Your Kitchen Clean;

Clean up as you go - clean up right after meals, clean up right after baking, put dishes in dishwasher right after you eat breakfast.

Labels - start labeling! Spices, jars, snacks etc so you know what your grabbing for, plus it makes it easy to find things quickly.

Organize your pantry first (my pantry reveal here) - it will help the entire kitchen feel more organized, as it can be the most used "room" in the kitchen. Then it will get you in the tidying/organizing mood too. 

Get rid of what you don't use - anything you haven't used in 6 months or more, get rid of or donate it. It will give you more space to use and plus your helping someone at the same time! #winwin

Get rid of non-necessities - little trinkets, silly useless gadgets or space takers that you aren't using, or can put in another spot then do it! You'll be surprised at how much space they actually take up. 

Using these tips will get you organized quickly and maintain a clean, organized, happy kitchen. 

Now for the fun part;

Some unique, handy and just plain awesome storage tricks you can use in your own home. 

Pot Hanger System


Daily Women Talks

Drop Down Knife Holder



Pan Divider Drawer

Unknown Source 



Architecture Art Designs

Kitchen Organization Systems

At Home 

Peg Board Organizer

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Garbage Drawers

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Tupper Ware Drawer

Unknown Source

Spice Rack

Joss and Main

Some pretty neat and handy Kitchen systems am I right!? How awesome is that pan divider drawer, I am definitely investing in one of those.

Which one is your favorite? What would your must have be?

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