5 Tips For A Clean & Organized Bathroom

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How are you this Wednesday morning? I hope you are all warm and safe, this weather is getting crazy! 

Since it's a new year and organization is on everyone's radar, including mine! I rounded up last week some organizing tips & tricks for your kitchen, now I thought I'd hit the bathroom! 

These tends to be the most used area's in the home and also the most easily to get unorganized and messy. A new year brings a fresh clean slate which means, lots of purging, organizing and getting things on track for a new year. 

Since the bathroom is the first place (for most) you go to in the morning. You want it to be functional yet your oasis and be able to find things easily and have everything within reach.

5 tips to help keep it clean & functional;

  • Clean as you go; tidy up after brushing teeth, throw out any tissue or q-tips you don't need, wipe up spills or water.
  • Hooks & Racks; great for towels (heated or not), place them near the shower for easy reach, racks to place storage, towels or decorative items, hooks for house coats or things you don't want seen all the time but need them within reach (for example behind the door).
  • Jars & Baskets; for makeup brushes, tooth brushes & tooth paste, q-tips, make-up pads, face clothes. Anything you need to hide or display within reach. 
  • Keep cleaning supplies within reach; keep your cleaning supplies you use for the bathroom in the bathroom. Create a designated space (under sink?) so you don't have to lug everything out each time. That can go for all rooms too! 
  • Think outside the box; use as much of the bathroom as you can while still maintaining an uncrowded oasis. Use wall space, door space, sides of cabinets and inside cabinet doors to make you life smoother in the mornings and at night get ready for bed routines.  

These will help keep your bathroom functional, pretty, organized and envious for all who come to use it!

Here are a few storage idea's to give you the ultimate organized oasis;


Bre Purposed


Simply Solved


Some really neat and fun organizing ideas and tricks for you to keep your bathroom clean, neat, pretty & functional! How awesome is that medicine cabinet turned every women's accessory organizing dream!?

What do you have in your bathroom? What are some of your must haves for your bathroom oasis?


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