5 Tips On How To Balance Traditional with Classic Home Decor

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Its something I think everyone wonders about, how to mix styles. How can you pair classic pieces with traditional pieces but still keep it modern & updated. Of course without it looking to "old" or outdated.

I am here to assure you that you can have both and make it look perfect, modern and pretty.

Here's what the definitions of each are;

Classic; There are many different categories of classic furniture such as;

  • Victorian
  • French Provincial
  • Tudor
  • Louis XV
  • Georgian

These styles differ slightly but have very similar characteristics, this style tends to be more on the ornate side. The furniture may look a little bit "richer" then traditional, like museum quality. Ornate curves, rich velvety fabrics, dark woods, antique's and more.

Traditional; This style tends to be more casual and homey. Fabrics you can use include; floral to plaids, woods used will be warm and rich. Sofa's will contain skirts and drapery will be a little on the heavier side. Metals used in traditional style with likely be brass or bronze, this type of style & furniture can really make you feel comfortable and at home.  

Here's how;

Balance; Is key in mixing these two styles, even though they are very similar if you have too much of one style it won't look right. Stick to your big pieces as your traditional and add classic small pieces to balance out nicely. This is also be visual, see what works and what doesn't.

Create a soft palette; Stick with soft, pastel colors. To me traditional is classic and sophisticated. Going crazy doesn't seem right in spaces with this style. Pastels or neutrals like pastel blues, pinks, yellows, greens, greys, whites & beiges. Sometimes burgundies/reds and deep greens are used with this style.

Woods; These types of styles have very similar wood choices so find something that will compliment each. Something in-between a rich dark wood and a warm casual wood.

Materials; Use neutrals on your classic pieces but add accents of floral, plaid, velvets or striped in the same tones. Don't go over board or it will end up becoming to busy.

They are not that far apart; Guys these styles really aren't that far apart at all which makes it easier in the end to pair these together nicely. The only difference between the two is classic is a little bit more ornate where traditional tends to stay on the more "homey" casual side, which in turn can balance each other out.

These styles together are causal meets sophisticated with a nice balance of each. Don't go to crazy or too casual or you end up with one style over the other. Find the right balance for you and the function of the room, it all ends up being a personal preference and you'll know when IT'S right.

Here are some examples

Home Stories

Some pretty stuff right?!

What do you think? Would you decorate with this style?

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