5 Tips On How To Color Match Like A Pro

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Color Matching and choosing the right color is a nightmare am I right? (with a few other choice words I'll leave out). Have you walked into a paint store and seen 7 different shades of white, pink or grey and thought to yourself. " Oh shit, where do I even begin?". You have your piece of fabric or paint color in mind & in hand and now you need to match or create a color scheme that will create the space your after.

I have 5 sweet tips that will help you color match like a color queen or king.

  • Choose Colors in the same hue - Find colors that match with the same undertone or hue. For example if you have a light grey and want to find a blue to match look for a blue with a grey undertone/hue. It's too different colors but they will still be cohesive & flow nicely together.
  • Color Story's are for a reason - Usually paint chips have a color line from the lightest to the darkest of the color. Or they are organized by their hue & saturation. That is for a reason, you can literally use one paint story around your entire house. Then you will have a cohesive space and won't spend hours choosing colors. This works best for monochromatic schemes but not so well for bright & colorful.
  • It's not all about the paint - You can color match fabric, wallpaper, accessories, furniture you name it you can color match it. That will help keep it cohesive and all your rooms feel together but not to matchy, matchy.
  • Use fabrics, wallpapers or your favorite accessory - If your choosing a pop of color or a color from something you've always wanted to try. Take it to a paint store and see if they can color match (some place's do it manually or some have machines to do it for you), now it may not be exact but you can find something close. Hold the paint chips up into the light or taken them home and tape them to the wall to see them in their natural state, to see if they would work in the space. 
  • Whip out the color wheel - When all else fails get out that trusty color wheel and start turning, to find those matching colors.

Now some paint stores will actually color match either from pictures, old colors or colors from elsewhere. The technology that we have now can do some amazing things! I am pretty sure there are apps out there that can color match if you hold the phone over a color you like. The app will then find a color that matches closet too. Pretty cool right? I guess I should research which one's they are for you all #onmytodolist.

Let me know when you use these tips and how they helped! I'd love to know and as always love to chat with you.


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