5 Tips To De-clutter Your Home In 15 Minutes

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Hi my lovely pals,

How are you doing! I am doing awesome and my room is finally coming along well. I swear a post will be up soon, but don't forget to follow me on Instagram to get sneak peaks too! I m not sure what I'm going to do when it's all over, I may just have to start my next project ;).

Maybe a good de-clutter will have to do! 

I always try to keep up on my messes and extra things but sometimes you have to do the "big clean" every once and a while. Somehow however it gets out of control and before you know it, its gone a bit crazy!

It's happened to me, I'll freely admit, life happens am I right?

Well today I have 5 easy de-cluttering tips you can do in a quick 15 minutes. You can choose one or a couple, or if your in a super  organizing mood, you can try all of them! But I can't promise you'll be done all of them in 15 minutes, but if you do let me know I'll definitely have to send you a kudos on that! 

Alright let's get to it shall we! 

Put it in bins -  If you are sure you are keeping it, or need to compress things, or if your organizing a closet or drawer for example. Put the items into a bin and as you are going through it, throw out anything along the way that you know you won't use or want anymore.

Clean up one mess - pick a spot that's been bugging you the most and focus on that for 15 minutes, perfect it to what you want it to be. Then youll have one spot done and you can move to the next OR call it a night. You'll be feeling lighter, refreshed and accomplished and yes even with just that little bit.

Enlist help - Either gather your gang to help you and set a timer and assign a few areas they can help with, such as dishwasher, toys, clothes etc. Then you can cover more ground faster! Another option is having others do the tasks you hate the most (but that they may like) and you do the tasks you enjoy that way it won't be a chore to you and you will have fun while your doing it.

Fill 1 trash bag -  Go around the house and grab things that you don't even have to think about to toss or donate. Do that for 15 minutes and try and fill the trash bag. You will feel a whole lot better and you may even have more space by the end of it! 



For more awesome tips check out Better Homes & Garden's 20 strategies on how to de-clutter your home fast.

I've always had a secret thing for cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering as it always makes me feel so good and accomplished. It's also a bit of a stress reliever and makes me feel more sane, once I have everything cleaned and in place. Yes I'm a little strange but I'm going to go with it he-he. 

Do you have any tips you live by and like to share? I'd love to hear!


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