5 Top Tips On Creating A Coastal Oasis


Morning Friday darlings,

Woohoo it's Friday! Can I get a TGIF and I'll relax if I want to!? Or is that just me.

Speaking of relaxing and winding down, ever wonder how to create a beach oasis in your own home? Without it looking "cheesy" or getting sick of it quickly? I currently love the coastal, cottage, beach style. Although it wouldn't necessarily work in my own rental, a girl can dream right?

Today I am going to give you my 5 top tips on how to achieve your own beach/costal oasis. Where ever you might be!


Picture/Rattan Chair/Plants/Coffee Table/Bottles/Pendant/Throw/Pillow/Couch

I created this mood board to give you some inspiration or a place to start when creating your own. Isn't that pendant amazing! I couldn't help myself when I saw this one, if only I had a place for it at home!

My 5 tips are;

1. Bring in the White & Blues; Costal to me screams bright, light and fresh. So bring in the whites & creams and layering it with the blues & turquoises.

2. Shiplap; I think boats, cottages, and a whole lot of shiplap when I see or think of costal. Make a focal wall with shiplap, either white or natural wood. Even do the full room and layer with built ins for storage & display.

3. Wicker; Something about wicker is just so inviting and peaceful. I think beach, vacation or sand when I see wicker anything. Add wicker into the space in the form of  chairs, baskets, trays, accessories etc.

4. Natural Elements; Costal is all about natural so why not add that into the space? Wood, plants, metals and more, try and find unique ways you can add them into your space. Plus you can't go wrong with plants and life in your space, it brings oxygen and a sense of liveliness to any room. Try even placing a wicker or rattan rug to give the sense of sand/beach under your feet.

5. Lighting; Now this is the fun part adding lighting. If you have lots of windows then natural light is best. Adding some task or table lighting, fun glass lamps or lamps that are light and airy work best. Lastly overhead lighting, there are SO many beautiful and affordable pendants out there, that you can't wrong.

Bonus Tip: If your space feels right, bright and comfortable, you have done something right. Just remember the most lived in spaces that refelect you without you evening knowing it are the spaces people envy.

Here are some more inspiration photos to put you even more in the beach frame of mind, summer is coming right?

Coastal Style


So much beauty is one spot am I right?!

What would you add to your costal oasis? What do you think, do you love this style? Tell me below!

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