7 Top Tips On How To Organize Your Craft Room

7 Top Tips On How To Organize Your Craft Room.png

Hey there my fellow creatives!

I love creating, designing, crafting whichever fun thing I can do, but that comes with a lot of mess and you may need a lot of space. Plus there is always a ton of fun things to go with it.

Now you have an unorganized mess, you can't find any of your supplies and you never have enough room.

You hate the space you create in and eventually you stop creating, crafting and having fun. It becomes a burden and more of a storage room.

I want you to have a space you can be yourself and let your creative side shine! Some find it relaxing and an outlet to let your mind go for a little while.

With these simple tips I will have you in your dream craft room in no time.


Craft O Maniac

Find your space: Pick a space with lots of natural light or that you feel comfortable in. That says to you, this is it! Then clear out what you don't need, this can be a good time to donate or get rid of things you don't use/need. Then start with your bare minimums and write down what you need, how much you need and maybe some special wants.

Storage bins: You will need lots of these, small or large, plastic or wood. One's that can fit in drawers and on shelves, make sure to measure the width so it will fit the shelving depth. Whichever style you like to stylishly hold & organize all your tools.

Shelving: Tall or small shelving, open or closed to hide things you don't want to be seen. Depending on the space in your room these are essential. You can even think about organizing a closet into storage if there is one!

Peg Boards: Now these are genius! Something that can be so handy even all around the house. Use the peg rings to hang wooden racks or little shelving to hold things or pin things up. This is so versatile, it will be a crafting dream! 


Tilly and the Buttons

Organize & label: Put each of your like tools, materials, fabrics, pictures, etc together into like piles. Label each container/bin with a sticker/printable label and then attach to each bin. Then it will be easy to find what you are looking for and you will stay organized & know what you have or what you need.

Metal over door hangers: Whether you use these to hold wrapping paper & gift supplies, hang materials you need or store some of your "big" tools these are great to have and make great use of the space.

Make It Yours:  Make it fun! Here's where you can paint the room a favorite color, or keep it neutral and jazz up with furniture & accessories. Make fun & floral labels, put up pictures, add quotes onto the wall. Make it your own, somewhere you can be happy, functional and smile in.

Brit & Co

After you organize, beautify and simplify your dream room. You will gain so many ideas to create, craft, and DIY up a storm . If I had the space I would love to create my own!

Do you have a room you create & escape in?


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