8 Tips On Creating A Kid Friendly Home

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Today I am touching on the subject of having a kid friendly home. I see lots of people ask how do I mix function, style, pretty & children all in the same sentence.

Well I have some tips to assure you that you can! You can have that pretty couch and that white fabric (yes I said white). With these simple guidelines you can have your cake and eat it too ;)

Yes you can use white; Guys having kids does not mean white is out of the question. You can choose fabrics or pieces that are durable & indestructible. If you paint white that's ok too, expect incidents and spills but that's nothing a little elbow grease or touch ups can't fix.

Choose the heavy ones; Find furniture that is a little bit heavier then others. Choose them with chunky legs or heavier thicker stands. Children tend to knock things over or see if they can flip things so finding something that can't be picked up as easy can save both the child (from getting hurt) & your decor heart.

Safe accessories and unsafe high; Choose safe accessories, such as pillows, books & heavy pieces for closer to the ground and tables. All things light, glass and valuable put those on the higher shelves until your child learns home manners and how to treat things like mom & dad.

Choose indestructible & stain resistant; Choose fabrics that are stain resistant, easily wipe able or indestructible. There really are so many fabric & material options that are pretty & durable out there you can for sure find something that suits your style.

Watch for the hazards; Watch for those sharp corners, floating cords, tripping hazards, pooling drapery. Kids like shiny things or things you can grab easily. Those are accidents waiting to happen so when decorating just be aware of potential hazards that can be prevented. Choose a little shorter drapes, wrap hard corners in blankets or pillows etc. 

Think like a child; Get down on the ground and think like a child would. Get rid of things you know will call for a child's unwanted attention, put all valuable important pieces on a high shelf. Remember soft & durable is the way to go. It doesn't mean you have to go crazy with every safety gadget there is but just be more aware of what you're decorating with.

Let your kids play! Don't forget to let your kids be kids, have a place for them to play and enjoy themselves. Let them enjoy the home just as much as you do with rules of course.

Prepare yourself; Expect accidents to happen and try not to get to upset if something is drawn on or broken. Always remember things can be fixed, repainted or replaced.

Here is a beautiful home and a great article to read if you need even more tips!

Emily Henderson

How do you decorate kid friendly? Do you still add pretty to your space? Are you scared to add nice things into your space if you have kids?

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