8 Ways On How to Create Storage For Small Spaces

Hey lovely friends!

Since living in a small basement apartment storage is precious to me! It is however hard to create as much storage space as possible because let's face it there really is no extra space.

So today I have some creative and fun storage solutions to help you gain as much storage as possible in your small spaces too!

Your Storage Solutions.

Vanity Carts: Now this is genius and I need to get on this hack but vanity carts are where it's at. IKEA is also where its at and you can buy them super cheap too (not sponsored) These are great for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or even a bar cart. You can Google vanity cart hacks too and you'll find billions of ideas.

Baskets: Plastic, wood, cloth and more they come in all shapes and sizes and these bad boys will be your life saver. You can even label them and put everything away neatly and organized.

Picture Ledges: Now these are fun and with SO many endless options you are golden. You can put plants, pictures, cards, paintings, shoes, you can make it a temporary night stand, a coat hanger and more. These are small and take up no space at all.

Wire Racks: These are brilliant for over your door, in your kitchen cupboards and a brilliant organizer. You can use them for wrapping paper, organizer your pots n pans, organizing your cans & jars and more.

Bins: These are great for organizing the big things, your winter hats & gloves, seasonal clothes & toys, your tools, sport equipment, craft & wrapping. These are also handy for organizing your garage too.

Folding Tables: You can buy big or small or mounting ones. You can use these for anything, a great space saver is mounting one on the wall and using it for a table or desk and folding it down when it's not in use.

Ottomans: You can use these as double duty, I use mine as a glove & hat holder or a coffee table & games storage unit. These can be used for anything and are really handy if you have kids too.

Jars: Oh how I love jars especially mason jars. You can use these to store coins or any loose trinkets, you can use them to display flowers. You can use it to store a rock collection or even those lego pieces you keep stepping on. The options are endless!

There are so many ways to create space in any home and these are just a few. Think outside the box friends and the possibilities will be endless.

Here are some other fun & ingenious ways to use creative storage solutions!

Brit & Co

Those are pretty awesome no?!

I had fun organizing my pantry with some fun tips & solutions there too, you might want to check that out too.

Do you have any other creative solutions? I'd love to hear, let me know in the comments below!